Service Business Owners – Why You Need a Fabulous Online Marketing Presence

Service Business Owners – Why You Need a Fabulous Online Marketing Presence

“Fabulous website, dah-ling!” a famous actress might have said, clutching her cigarette holder. Today, your copywriter (who’s holding a cell phone instead of a cigarette) will be more interested in helping you showcase how fabulous you are all over the Internet.

Fabulous means exceptionally good, unusual, marvelous and/or superb, according to online dictionaries. And that’s the image most professionals want to promote.

There’s nothing wrong with you. You are already fabulous.

If you have at least half a dozen clients who are paying you market prices for your service, and who are genuinely pleased with results, you are making a genuine contribution in your business or profession. Unless your service is incredibly specialized, chances are several thousand people out there are eager to get what you have. (Of course, we are assuming you are providing an honest service and delivering real value. You can fake it for awhile but then you will get caught by the market, the law or both.)

You know “fabulous” when you see it.

Imagine that you are attending a professional meeting or networking event. You may be looking to hire someone or you might just want to make some new friends. You fall into conversation with someone who seems to be right on your own wavelength. You connect in seconds. As you talk, you realize you are not eager to end the conversation. You might even realize you are ready to pay good money to hire this professional.

What happened? You were drawn to the person. Maybe you fell into casual conversation. You might have overheard them talking to someone else, been introduced by a mutual friend, or walked over after they gave a talk.

They’re charismatic, compelling and totally authentic. That’s what we a call a fabulous presence.

Now you have to create this presence online. Let’s see what that means.

A Fabulous Presence Online is NOT…

a fabulous design. When you get caught up in a conversation, you probably stop thinking about what this person looked like. You pick up their energy and ideas. In the same way, your Fabulous Presence Online might include design and graphics, but won’t depend on those elements. After all, a really great actor will make you forget he’s standing on a bare stage.

… a fabulous website. These days your website is just the hub of a more dynamic, interrelated, synergistic system. It may not even be a website.

…fabulous hype. Prospects will sense whether your presence is authentic just the way an antique dealer walks through an auction house.

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