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Social Media and its Influence on our Behaviour

It is widely known that our physical environment can have a direct influence on our behavior whether that be down to the friends we surround ourselves with, our surroundings, the weather, or the circumstantial events that life is known to throw up. Each will help to mold our personality, character, and thus our behavior in varying degrees.

We already know the impact that social media has had on the relationships that we keep, our shopping habits, and our education but how much of an effect do these platforms themselves have on shaping our behavior?

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Acheter des Followers Twitter and Instagram are primarily used to support relationships that we had originally formed in real-life, though there are of course exceptions to that rule. They are used to keep us connected to groups of people whether they are friends, friends of friends, old classmates, and of course family.

Most people will use Facebook to search for people they have had some form of interaction with in real-life rather than to look for complete strangers to connect with. However, does this seemingly easy way to stay connected have an effect on our own behaviors?

Well, in a book by Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler called Connected: The power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives, it is suggested that social media does indeed affect our behavior.

The authors claim that the networks of people that each person is connected with online and even the friends of friends of people in these networks will have an influence on how we behave. They claim that social media offers contagious benefits to groups who feed off of what each other thinks, feels, does, and says.

In the book, it is mentioned that studies showed that if somebody within a network was to become obese, that there was a much higher chance that friends on social media would also become obese while even friends of friends would see an increase in the chances of it happening to them. Smoking was another example used where it was said that friends of somebody who had started smoking would then have more than a 35% increase in the chances of them starting the habit as well.

Our Thoughts

While we ourselves think that the book and the research that it conducted might be a little sensationalist, we do feel that social media does have a big impact on our own behavior. DO we think that obesity will spread like wildfire due to social media, no, but we do think that the actions of our network of friends and their friends outside of that will have some kind of impact on how we ourselves behave.

When you think about in terms of marketing, by simply making a positive online status or post you might just be contagiously spreading that positivity and effecting more people than you might have originally thought.…

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What to Know About VPNs in China

It would be fair to say that the regime in China is a little on the oppressive side (okay, so it’s probably more than just a little) and this can certainly be witnessed when you consider what they allow their citizens to see and read on the internet. Known as the Great Firewall of China, there are a massive block and banning of major websites from other countries such as most social media, news sites, and a good selection of other things as well.

If you use Google for anything, you can forget about it in China – Google does not even exist in their eyes. Not only the search engine either, as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Plus, Google Docs, and even Google-owned sites like YouTube are banned and inaccessible.

You Can Get Around This Firewall Though!

While it has been widely reported that China has a very tough stance on using VPNs, even going as far as fining any of their citizens for downloading on using one in the country, as long as you have one downloaded before your visit to the country, you will usually be fine to use it for a short time on your trip.

A VPN is a secure network of computers all over the world and you can use this VPN in China or anywhere else to access content from other countries. You just simply connect your VPN to China, or to another country outside of China if you’re in that country and you will be able to connect to the internet using your new temporary and fake IP address.

Is There a Best VPN for China?

It is difficult to say exactly which might be the best VPN to use in China as there are a number of them that work very well. It will come down to your own personal preference as to which is the best match for you. You can use sites like VPNVeteran to get the lowdown on what each VPN offers or you can try out some of them via the free trials that they offer.

A VPN does not even have to cost you much either as they will range between a couple of dollars a month up to about ten dollars a month. Sure, the more expensive they are, the better you should expect them to be in terms of performance, security, and features but even the cheaper ones will give you a good level of these for your money.

Our advice would be to check out as many reviews as you can of these VPNs, use their free trials, and just use both what you read and what you experience to determine which of them you would like to pay for on subscription going forward. We do recommend staying away from free VPNs in you plan on using them in China though, simply because these will not always be able to get you passed that Great Firewall of China.…