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Rental Property Marketing – Some Valuable Facts!

Rental Property Marketing – Some Valuable Facts!

Sure, landlords advertise apartment rentals as part of their apartment marketing strategies but that is only one aspect out of their entire jobs which are multifaceted and far reaching to include:

o Preparing the vacant apartments to be eventually rented to other tenants by cleaning it up and fumigating as well as fixing, mending and replacing all that is needed.

o Advertising rentals in a range of ways including through websites that provide apartment Internet marketing services.

o Selecting the fitting new tenants who have answered the rental advertisements through the process of interviewing which is then followed by the process of reference and credit checks.

o Administering the signing of formal contracts or written agreements.

o Collecting the security, deposit and rent money.

o Maintaining the rental unit (apartment) as well as the entire apartment complex.

o Taking on the role of public relations managers to uphold good dealings of tenants between themselves as well as the dealings between tenants and management.

To help landlords perform their duties effectively, efficiently and fairly; a whole heap of laws and regulations had been enacted in many jurisdictions in the United States as well as other part of the world. In many instances, such laws are intended to protect the rights of landlords as well as the rights of their tenants.

Whenever looking at rental advertisements; we suggest you do some careful research first and use the services of a professional.

These laws may differ from one place to another but they also have quite a bit of similarities, particularly as they relate to the following issues:

o Security Deposits. The amounts of security deposits are determined and set at the time the rental contracts are signed and they are to be paid by the tenants and to be held by the landlords until such time as the same tenants move out of the rental unit. Security deposits are to be returned to the tenants (without accrued interest) unless they will be fully or partially used by the landlords to cover:

(a) unpaid rent;

(b) the cost to repair damages caused by the tenants which are beyond the normal wear and tear;

(c) the price for replacing removed items which actually belong to the property;

(d) the expanses for cleaning of the tenants’ vacated apartment, if and when it is left exceedingly dirty.

o Legal or Proper Evictions. Tenants may be lawfully evicted by landlords if and when:

(a) They fail to pay the rent that is due.

(b) They violate any part of the signed contracts and/or agreements.

(c) They cause intentional damage to the property

(d) They are threats to the other tenants and/or to the landlords.

(e) They, directly or indirectly, participate in illegal activities on the premises.

o Landlords Entering Rented Apartments.Landlords are required by law to ask for their tenants’ permissions to enter the apartments they are law is in effect except under these following sets of circumstances:

(a) Suspected emergencies such as fire, leaking water pipes, burst water tanks, gas leaks or some other dangers.

(b) The rent is past-due by 14 days and the landlord believes that the apartment had been abandoned. In this case the landlord may prepare the apartment for marketing as a newly vacant unit.

o Raising Rent. The rates may vary but, whether the property is in an area where Rent Control laws apply or not, it is proper for the landlord to raise rent periodically. The law requires that the tenants be notified at least 30 days prior to the increased rent going into effect.

Online Web Marketing – Using Your Resources to Make Money Online

Online Web Marketing – Using Your Resources to Make Money Online

Online web marketing is one of today’s most booming fields. To make it in such a dynamic and constantly changing market, one must know about the intricacies of marketing on the internet and working their way up the search engine rankings. Just hearing about taking on a marketing campaign sounds easy enough, but in practice it takes hard work and dedication.

People jump into online web marketing all too often expecting it to be a walk in the park, only to fail and wonder why. It is true that it is a learning experience for everyone, but not thinking of it as work is what leads to most new marketers’ downfalls. The truth is that web marketing is work, and in some cases it can be hard work. Though it is certainly not physical labor, it does entail quite a few repetitive tasks and, to be frank, boredom.

Someone would have to be extremely lucky to be able to just put a site on the internet and start seeing profits. Hours of hard work go into optimizing websites and promoting them. In your question to become successful, you will have to really put your heart and soul into making the most out of your web campaign.

Choosing a market and then a niche is the first part that can actually be considered difficult. Some research with keyword tools can give you the information you need, but how do you choose your first niche? Every niche has a certain amount of searches per month as well as competition and advertising payouts. Even if a niche is over saturated with other marketing campaigns, it is still possible to profit via aggressive website promotion.

Optimizing your website is crucial. Sticking to a keyword density that will not offend search engines or visitors alike is going to do much more for you than repeatedly sticking he keyword into the articles and other content. Try to keep the density down to 1% or 2%, as it is just enough to garner some attention without being offensive. The actual content that is written in your articles matters as well. Keep it informative to give visitors the information that they are looking for — and to encourage them to click those advertisements.

The most daunting part of online web marketing for many is website promotion. There are hundreds of thousands to millions of websites within a niche. Search engines sort results according a variety of factors, one of the most predominant ones being promotional efforts. The overall goal is to get links on other websites coming back to yours, but without making it seem like spam. This in itself can be a task, but avoiding spam tactics will do more for your long term rankings as a whole.

Website promoting is the most difficult part of internet marketing, and many slack off when it comes down to it. Keeping the fact that online web marketing is work and not play will help you stick to your promotional efforts. You can make the best content on the web and still not get very far without at least a decent amount of promotion to work your way up the rankings. Keyword research, writing, and promoting are all work — so kick that mindset to the curb and treat your efforts like a business and not a leisure activity.

3 Ways to Tap the Social Market

3 Ways to Tap the Social Market

Social Marketing is word of mouth marketing online and offline. The biggest advantage to Social Marketing is the cost. The cost of marketing for a business has risen to levels that the small business owner can not compete with corporate giants. Marketing with Social Media levels the playing field. Small business can offer the personal touch that larger corporations have difficulty doing due to their size.

Marketing is all about connecting with your current customers and targeted consumers. The drawback to this is it does take time and constant regular contact. You can hire a professional Social Marketing Manager to help you to design a marketing plan and assist you to help you keep on top of everything with limited time.

Your blog or website is the hub of your social media marketing. Blogging about interesting facts about your product or service. Engaging content is key on the web. Social marketing will drive traffic to creative and knowledgeable content. You will want to engage your prospects with creative fun, discounts and allow them to interact and comment online.

Best Ways to Get Massive Traffic with Social Marketing

1. Photograph or picture sharing

Posting photographs to photo sharing networks is a great way to market to the masses. Photo posted on flickr with a beautiful or interesting photo will drive lots of traffic. An example of this would be a picture of a zip line carrying and an adventure seeker through a jungle. This would drive traffic to a travel site.

2. Video sharing

Marketing with video can go viral. The video should be interesting, funny or just original. People will share it on their website, Facebook and twitter taking your video to the masses. When people find your video interesting they are already interested in your product when they arrive at your website.

3. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking on sites like digg or has proven useful to many products through the years. You can get your company and products known through posting to these sites.

Social Marketing is about finding people who are interested in your products and company. Engaging them in a conversation. Discussing what they want to talk about. Finding out from them what they really want. Allowing them to discover that your product or service is exactly what they are looking for.

Companies that have used these strategies find the return on their investment is a loyal customer that will remain with them for many years.

Internet Marketing Tools

Internet Marketing Tools

Many people are taking up Internet marketing for several reasons: maybe they think that their current career is at danger; maybe they do not like their current job; maybe they think that Internet marketing is easier than what they are doing now or maybe they just want to earn a bit of extra money on the weekend. Whatever the reason, they will have to learn how to make use of Internet marketing tools.

These Internet marketing tools may not all be quite obvious as Internet marketing tools to the newcomer to Internet marketing, so in the remainder of this piece we will take a closer look at some of the less obvious, but better Internet marketing tools about.

The best Internet marketing tools, or at least most of them are: SEO, article marketing, content management, RSS, affiliate marketing, lists, Web2 and auto responders. There are others that used to work before, but which have lessened in significance such as: Free For All lists, Safe Lists and Traffic Exchanges.

The point here is that some things that were touted as the bee’s knees of Internet advertising a few years ago are not so successful now and new ways are being developed all the time, some of which are very useful like: Web2 and RSS. You need to keep your ear to the ground with regard to Internet marketing tools or you will miss current developments and fall behind.

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the best Internet marketing tools about because the principles, once learned, can be applied to any site for long-term progress in the ranking stakes. Begin with your domain name. Choosing the right domain name is by far the most important step you can take in SEO. Make it pertinent to what you are trying to achieve.

For instance, if you would like to sell petrol powered model helicopters, attempt to get hold of a domain name with those words in the name like . If you can not get that endeavour to get . Do not settle for even if you think that you might expand into other related models. Connect the web sites instead.

Select your keywords carefully and use them in your compositions. Needless to say, the domain name ought to be your foremost keyword or keyword phrase. Do not be tempted to use it ad nauseam, use it only where it fits in but make an effort to make it fit in. Reword sentences and paragraphs to achieve this. In this piece my keyword phrase or LTKW (long tail keyword) is ‘Internet marketing tools’ – see, I just got it in again:-)

Compose web pages for your site including keywords and LTKW, but keep those pages unique to your site. Then compose pieces around and about the subject of your site, but do not mention your keywords in them or you will lose traffic on your keywords to other, larger businesses.

Post these articles, with links back to your site, on article databases. Hopefully, web masters of blogs and newsletters will pick these pieces and use them and you will gain backlinks, kudos and page ranking for your site.

The last of these Internet marketing tools is the list. Many web masters quote ‘The money is in the list’, but some marketers do not bother with a list. Most do but not all. If you want to construct a list, add a box to your web site so that visitors can sign up for your weekly newsletter and special offers.

How Affiliate Marketing Can Have You Making Money From Home

How Affiliate Marketing Can Have You Making Money From Home

Virtually all of us happen to be extremely comfortable in our own living space. It is where all of our conveniences are usually kept. Associated with the everyday routine of your profession is the need to leave your household. This procedure is significantly tougher for those who have youngsters to take into consideration. Many people would love to be making money from home. We’re more at ease in our homes, which enables us to be considerably more effective. Nevertheless, not many normal work opportunities offer you this sort of freedom. They demand workers on site where they are often watched as well as monitored.

If you want to earn an income working at home, the affiliate marketing business could possibly be the solution. When you’ve got your personal computer, along with internet access there isn’t any reason your home can’t be used for your very own brand-new work from home business.

Affiliate marketing implies that you’re employed on behalf of another business. Your helping build up a company that currently exists. This method gives you numerous benefits. For starters, you are promoting brands or services which are ?�A�n the marketplace. You do not need to develop new products and deliver it to the general public. When the companies are relatively reputable, subsequently bringing in clients really should not be very hard. The product or service is less difficult to market when it has an established reputation.

The actual marketing of the product or service is already in place. The principle company will have many recommendations along with tools available to support you and promote the product or service. This could consist of pamphlets, brochures or even an online helpdesk. They’ll also help make samples accessible to your business. This approach diminishes your own expenditure therefore the risk is nothing. You will simply need to focus on promoting the product or service in addition to increasing your revenue.

Affiliate marketing can be accomplished within the convenience of your own home. You are able to place as much or as little into your business as you want. You are compensated based on exactly how well you do. In case you have an off month, it’s always shown with your payment. You don’t need to concern yourself with a boss looking down on you. Just how much you choose to do will be completely under your control.

Last but not least, operating this kind of business endeavor from your home provides hardly any risk for you personally. You’ve in an ideal locale and its not necessary to invest much of your own funds. What you produce will be what you’re paid a commission for.

Working an affiliate marketing program is tough work. You”ll need to take full advantage of your abilities and skills and this implies working a number of lengthy days. Don’t be misled by internet marketing companies that will offer the world for hardly any effort. You”ll need to work very hard marketing the merchandise and services that you choose to promote. However, if you are prepared to give your very best and make use of all of your capabilities, there is no reason why your affiliate marketing business cannot have you making money from home, and very good money too.

If you ever desire to work from home then an affiliate marketing business is a fantastic way to do it. Together with minimum risk for you, you’ll be able to use your talent for your very own advantage. You”ll need to work with all due diligence, but there is certainly everything to gain and incredibly little to lose.

What Internet Marketing and Golf Have in Common – The Importance of Assessing Your Website

What Internet Marketing and Golf Have in Common – The Importance of Assessing Your Website

If you play golf, you probably know that there are more instructional gadgets, trinkets, books and equipment fads in the game than probably any other sport. Every year, a plethora of new things hit the market that we feel compelled to buy to solve our game’s ills, and every year we line up to buy them having never really focused on the one thing that will improve our game most: our golf swing.

Like golf, the Internet is never at a loss for new technologies, trends, or fads on which we feel compelled to keep up. From search optimization to e-commerce and email marketing to social media channels, video syndication and analytics, we can go mad trying to understand and stay current with the latest “must dos.” But none of that stuff means doodly-squat if the foundation of our Internet marketing, our base website, is fundamentally unhealthy.

Since so much rides on it, the most important thing we can do to make sure all the other things we do to market our businesses on the Web work, is to conduct–or contract for–an unbiased and sober assessment of our base website. Such an assessment should focus first on the site itself:

Is it properly constructed for our business purpose, our audience and to fare well on the search engines?

Is it aesthetically pleasing and in concert with our other branding and sales materials?

Is the site modern, logically arranged and intuitive or does it look dated, feel confusing and feature functional inefficiencies?

Where is the site hosted?

Who owns and administers the associated domains?

Do we know all the associated costs and what we’re really being charged for?

Is it equipped with the up-to-date tracking code and, if so, do we really know what the tracking data is telling us?

Only after taking a hard look inward, and committing to the fundamental repairs this process may reveal, should our evaluation turn to the other components of our Internet marketing effort.

In the end, Internet marketing is a lot like golf. We get so bombarded with the latest and greatest equipment, instruction and gadgets that we forget to address the fundamental flaws in our base golf swing. Bushels of dollars later, we still slice nine out of ten shots into the weeds. When it comes to Internet marketing, look inward first. Absent a fundamentally sound website, all the Internet marketing trends, gadgets and fads will only accentuate its flaws and put us smack dab in the Internet marketing weeds.

What the Heck is Email Marketing?

What the Heck is Email Marketing?

If you have been trying to make money online, I am sure you have come across the term email marketing more than a few times. And for good reason, email marketing is one of the most important aspects of being successful online. Though you hear about it all the time, do you really understand it? There is a good chance that you don’t. So with this article, I am going to help you understand what email marketing is all about and why it is so important to the success of your online business. Don’t worry, I won’t get all technical on you. I will just keep it simple and break it down into the simplest terms. So here we go.

Email marketing is when you, the online business owner, communicates with your customers and potential customers via email. And that’s really all it is. Here is a quick little fact for you to keep in mind. Over 80% of the people who visit your site for the first time, won’t buy a thing. Actually, the number is probably closer to 90%. My point is, most people will come to your site, browse around and then hit the exit button. And unless you have super high rankings in the search engines, there is a slim chance they will ever come back to your site.

That’s why you need to utilize email marketing. When visitors come to your site, you immediately offer them a chance to join your mailing list. You do this by offering them something in exchange. For example, you can send them a free report or give them discounts or specials that only go out to those on your list. When they sign up, you have the opportunity to market to them over and over again. By doing this, you will be building a relationship that can eventually turn into money in your pocket.

As you send out your email marketing messages, the people on your list will start to trust you. Once they trust you, there is probably no limit to the amount of money they will spend on your products and services. Trust is a prime factor in making money online. If people don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you. It’s that simple. Building a list and sending out emails once a week or once a month helps to build that trust. And with the way technology has advanced, you can set up an autoresponder and have emails go out automatically. That means you can literally have your business running on autopilot.

Commission Work

Commission Work

There is an immense difference between online and offline commission. For online commission, one does not have to go for business-to-business, door-to-door, make phone calls, to reach promising customers, and convince them to purchase one’s company products or services. In Internet marketing “commission” stands for people who can earn money by working from home. A person need not dress up for work, as he does not have to go out. One can work from home with full comfort.

One can become wealthy with the help of Internet marketing commission. One need not be a genius in computer or a web master. The only thing required here is effort and motivation. Here, one would love to become their own boss. One need not worry about the time or anything else, as one will be managing everything on his or her own. There would be no more office politics, and one need not answer someone else about the work you do.

Since a person will be managing everything on his own, he needs to figure out how much money he will make, and the profit he gets by working from home. This profit will turn out to be a commission for the individual’s hard work. The more dedication a person gives to his work, the higher will be the amount of commission. With the help of Internet marketing commission, one can make money as much as he wants.

This method can also be known as a one-man show, as one does not need any website, joint-venture partners, your own products to sell, a well-known name. All one has to do is, write these ads and submit them. Hence, these ads are on articles, blogs, and many other Internet sites. This will help you run the business on your own. Henceforth, you will be addressed by professional names, where many companies are on the lookout for people to help them in advertising and their products and services.

An individual will be helping these companies in order to make their products and services popular in the market, and on the other side, you will be making money on your own. A person eventually becomes the master of his own life which will benefit him in the long run. This method is something where one will be working with full interest, instead of working forcibly or on an average basis.

This work will result into rising profits for the rest of your life. For Internet marketing commission work, one just has to own a computer and needs an Internet access to work from home and gain commission for years and years.

The Best Advertising Agency and Internet Marketing System

The Best Advertising Agency and Internet Marketing System

I would like to introduce in my opinion one of the most interesting advertising agency internet marketing geniuses you will ever encounter on the internet. If you know anything about pay per click advertising then you know how hard it is to get targeted campaigns.

The more money you have the more you can test a keyword through trial and error. For those of us who aren’t as fortunate as the rest we need a little foreknowledge into what works and what doesn’t work so we don’t waste our time and money witch is valuable. Let’s break down the whole process very quickly now.

FIRST: Choose a category that best fits your internet marketing needs from multiple targeted niche’s that suite your online efforts from campaigns that they have already tested and proven to be profitable forever! Simply select your keywords that are provided for you and decide if you want to stick with the market you have chosen and remember they have made it easy for you to find the keywords. Watch the tutorial video provided for you to copy the ad performance that we already have in place and is already making money.

SECOND: Copy the campaign that they already have in place for your keyword and put it into your pay per click account. You can either copy and paste the campaigns or import them with the file you download. Remember all the campaigns are already making money and all you have to do is copy and profit from them.

THIRD: You can use the ad creator software to automatically create your PPC ads for you witch can greatly increase your ad creation time dramatically. Imagine being able to create profit pulling ads that you know are already making thousands of dollars for others without you having to do the research to see what works and what doesn’t!

FOURTH: Use your ad campaigns and keywords to gain natural search engine traffic because you will already have access to high profit low competition keywords in your marketing arsenal. You could even use these techniques to boost your article marketing campaigns and gain even more free traffic from search engines.

FIFTH: Take what you have copied and launch your internet marketing campaign and become your own advertising agency and feel good about yourself. Check out the advertising agency and internet marketing site and see for yourself if it’s indeed the most incredible internet marketing system you have ever tried!

How Ethical Is Internet Marketing?

How Ethical Is Internet Marketing?

Ethics in any business is essential and in a small business it is front and centre to the success of any small business. Ethics necessitates integrity and trying to maintain a long term business relationship with people if you do not practice ethical behaviour by honest dealings will soon see any small business file for bankruptcy.

What is Integrity?

The Oxford Dictionary (circa 1964) describes integrity as:

Integrity: n. Wholeness; soundness; uprightness, honesty. [ME. F.OF -te, or L. intergritas (integer, see -ty)]

The online dictionary describes integrity as: in•teg•ri•ty


1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

2. the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished: to preserve the integrity of the empire.

3. a sound, unimpaired, or perfect condition: the integrity of a ship’s hull.

Now that we clearly understand what integrity means, the question remains as to how ethical is Internet marketing? The next question is why a noun has been turned into a verb?

Is Hype in sales letters ethical?

Anyone who has read a sales letter for an Internet marketing product has been subjected in one degree or another, to a percentage of hype. It seems that to sell a product in the Internet marketing category requires a degree of what has become known as hype or over-stating the benefits of a product or service.

For a variety of reasons, people in the Internet marketing industry accept “hype” as being acceptable behaviour. People ‘tell you’ they will give you the information without any ‘hype’ but this is just another type of hype.

Hype is a lie any time that the written or spoken word does not represent truth.

Three reasons why hype is used in Internet marketing

1. Sales letters for Internet Marketing (IM) products are based on the old system of direct mail format. Direct mail has gone the way of the Dodo bird because people soon realized that the words did not match up with the truth.

2. Direct Mail into letterboxes was/is expensive with only a small return on investment (ROI) when compared with the inexpensive method of doing up one sales letter and then distributing it through the Internet.

3. Hype is exaggerating truth. Direct mail depends on exaggerating problems associated with some course of action the person needs to take to remove that pain. The benefits of taking this action are then exaggerated to fix the problem. This action is what the seller wishes a person to take; that is, to buy the answer to that pain. Any time one person deliberately hurts another, in word or deed, is an unethical act.

So how ethical is Internet Marketing in your opinion?