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What is SEO?

As the internet expands and businesses shift their goals and attention online, search engine optimization is in increasingly high demand. Despite countless claims of SEO expertise and an abundance of freelancing gurus, there’s more to search engine optimization that most people think. Anyone starting out in the field familiarizes themselves with some key information.

Search engine optimization is the process of working with search engines in order to build the quantity and increase the quality of traffic drawn to a particular website. The most used search engines, like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo, each have their own algorithms and standards for placing or “ranking” websites in their search engine results pages (SERPs). The higher a site is in SERPs, the more authority it has on the internet. Online authority refers to the trustworthiness, credibility, and respectability of a website or blog.


How to Optimize Websites for Search Engines

There are multitudes of practices an SEO company can pursue to help optimize a website to appear higher in Search engine results pages. The following are just a few of the best methods of building effective SEO for a website:

  • Creating Content
  • Building Backlinks
  • Implementing Keywords

Creating Content

Content is the single, most important factor contributing to search engine optimization. The content on a web page is what builds the user experience. In fact, content marketing relies solely on content to market a website, brand, product or service. Internet users are engaged directly by content, which keeps them on a page. Content should be unique, informative, entertaining and, overall, engaging to internet users. There are many different forms of content to organize on various website pages, such as, of course, text, images, videos, and eventually, virtual and augmented technology are expected to contribute to content.

Building Backlinks

Sites linked to by other sites are likely of high quality and authority. Why else would they be linked to? When a website has established a network of backlinks, it shows Google that the site is credible, original, and worthy enough to gain the attention and support of other reputable websites. An SEO company will attempt to build backlinks in a variety of ways, including cold-emailing, guest posting, and internal linking. Cold-emailing is simply the practice of emailing web designers and other businesses and literally asking for backlinks. Guest posting refers to enlisting the help of authoritative bloggers and web designers to post content on your site in order to draw in traffic, but they will often link back to their own site as well, making this method a symbiotic relationship of sorts. Internal linking is building backlinks to other pages and content within your own site. This makes navigation easier for visitors and helps interconnect the different aspects of your site.

Implementing Keywords

Keywords are words that internet users likely use in their search queries for specific subjects. Performing keyword research for a particular niche or topic is an effective method of finding out how people are wording their search entries for that topic. Keywords relating to a subject should be implemented in both content and off-page aspects of a website, like in meta descriptions. Meta descriptions are those short summaries that appear below website links in Google’s search engine results pages. These help users find out what a website is all about before deciding to click on the link.

Search engine optimization encompasses a wide array of techniques and methods of making websites more visible to search engines like Google and Bing. The aforementioned are only a few of these methods, and the field should be researched adequately before anyone decides to jump into this lucrative, online industry.

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Hotspot Shield Elite

For the purpose of this Hotspot Shield review, we are looking at the paid, “Elite”, version of the popular VPN service. While the free version may be among the most-used VPN services in the world, the paid version is where you will find all the best features, such as lightning-fast speeds, torrenting capabilities, and much more. Hotspot Shield Elite VPN is a fantastic VPN service so long as privacy and online anonymity isn’t a huge concern.

Usability & Speed

The first thing that we would like to cover in our Hotspot Shield review is that this VPN is incredibly easy to use. In fact, it’s one of the simplest that we have checked out. All users have to do is install the app, select a country, and press the button to connect.

Another thing that Hotspot Shield has going for it is the fact that it is blazing fast. We can easily say that this VPN is one of the snappiest we have seen. It is not uncommon to see download speeds of between 100 and 300 Mbps on a regular basis. This VPN service doesn’t have servers in as many countries as many of their competitors, but they certainly make good use of the 2,500 they run in 25 different countries. If all you are after is speed, this may be a good choice for you.

Security and Privacy

One area that users should be a bit wary about when using Hotspot Shield Elite is that many have called into question the company’s privacy standards. There are two important things that every VPN service should be able to do. One is that they shouldn’t keep logs of their users’ traffic, and the other is that they should not position themselves to be obliged by governments to give up information on their user base.

Neither of these issues are strong areas for Hotspot Shield Elite. Hotspot Shield does, in fact, collect logs (which they say is only for the duration of the connection) and they are located in the US which is a prime 5-Eyes country.

Streaming and P2P

Another thing that was a bit disappointing when putting together this Hotspot Shield review was its inability to unblock Netflix and other similar streaming services. The free version doesn’t get past region blocking with any degree of success due to the limited number of servers allocated for free users. The Elite version is better, but still gets blocked quite a bit. There are definitely a few other VPNs that can guarantee Netflix access better than Hotspot Shield.

The situation is better when it comes to P2P sharing since they not only allow torrent traffic but also provide fast download speeds. The only problem comes with how much you are willing to trust their dedication to protecting you should you download any material protected by copyright laws. Torrenting seems to be a bit of a grey area since they allow the traffic but state in their T&Cs that you shouldn’t use the ability for illegal downloads.

Our Recommendation

Check out for more VPN reviews. As for the Hotspot Shield review, our verdict is that ‘Hotspot Shield Elite’ is a solid VPN that should suite most users.

The issues in security are mainly concerns for people who deal in the type of ultra-sensitive data that governments might be interested in, and overly private matters. The security protocol itself is robust and unhackable, connections are fast, and the product is easy to use. According to us, this is a VPN service that the everyday user could benefit from. Power users should probably look elsewhere, however.…