TVA Media Group Launches Campaign to Help Companies Increase Revenue


(Studio City, CA) Despite what many think, television advertisement is still the most efficient and effective method to achieve KPIs, such as new accounts and sales. In fact, TV averages four times the sales lift of digital efforts. For the past five years, TV ads have remained an effective advertising method and the only medium that maintained this effectiveness, while other advertising methods – offline and media – declined by more than 10 percent.

An award-winning company helping brands and businesses take advantage of the benefits offered by television advertising, TVA Media Group, offers affordable services providing access to more than 1,100 TV stations, 40 major airlines (with in-flight programming), 10,250 newspapers, 6,600 radio stations, thousands of news portals, and 400 journals and trade magazines.

“Our team has more than 28 years of experience producing and placing direct response commercials, news features, docuseries, and infomercials for top-10 ad agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and PR firms,” stated company representative Jeffery Goddard. “Our unmatched track record is what has helped to make us one of the top DRTV agencies in the entire world.”

When companies and businesses work with, they don’t have to worry about long term contracts and get access to a team that understands the industry. In fact, the TVA team includes Golden Mike and Emmy-winning news teams to plan, approve, implement and measure the results of client’s campaigns.

“One of the unique features of our services is that we provide guaranteed placement,” continued Goddard. “You don’t have to worry about if your advertisement is going to be seen, all you have to keep track of is when which is provided to you with media schedules. We really go the extra mile for our clients to ensure they achieve the results they want and need from the advertising services we provide.”

Interested brands and companies can learn more about TVA ad services by visiting The company is debt-free and has been operating in the black since its formation back in 1987. The company also maintains a credit rating of Excellent.


TVA Media Group is considered a pioneer in the media and production placement industry. The team has won virtually all the major awards in this industry and also been the focus of several media interviews, on television and in the press. Dedicated to superior results and customer satisfaction, TVA Media Group is constantly working to improve results for customers.

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