How to Make Your AdSense Ads More Relevant

How to Make Your AdSense Ads More Relevant

You have spent a lot of time finding a good niche and have one that you are super excited about. You have built the site and optimized it for SEO, but also to solicit AdSense clicks which is how you plan to monetize it. You have written and submitted articles, videos, or podcasts to start driving traffic to your site immediately. Now it’s time to import the code for the AdSense ads and wait for the money to roll in. Unfortunately, the ads that pop up are about how to make electricity when your site content is about stop snoring products. What do you do? Obviously, you aren’t going to solicit any clicks from your visitor with ads that are so far from your topic.

1) WordPress plug in. If you are using WordPress to create and design your site, there is a free plug in available that you can install that will help Google better fit their ads to your site. I don’t remember what the name is but if you search for AdSense in the plug ins area, it will come up. It basically tells Google to read from your tags, not your content to place relevant ads. Just make sure that your meta keywords are within your specific niche.

2) Place a photo and add tags. Another thing that helps is to install a new photo on your site, and connect many keywords within your niche to it. While a change does not usually occur right away, the ads will often get better in a matter of weeks.

3) Do nothing. Waiting is often your best course of action. It seems like Google will automatically switch your ads, usually within a matter of days. I’ve had sites with irrelevant ads for up to two weeks, then all of a sudden they will be great one morning. If you are experiencing the problem for more than two weeks, it’s time to take action.

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