Does Your Small Business Website Need a Face Lift? – Rejuvenate Your Sales

Does Your Small Business Website Need a Face Lift? – Rejuvenate Your Sales

If you have been doing business online for any length of time, it is possible that your website is beginning to be a little tired looking. Keeping your site up-to-date is critical to search engine placement and to sales conversions. If a website becomes static for too long, the search engines will stop visiting and treat your website as if it is old news.

While it is not necessary to change the look of your site too frequently, it is important to update the look periodically. This shows your visitors that:

You have something new to offer.

You are in line with the times.

You are trying to improve their experience.

You are growing and your visitors see the exact same thing every time they visit, they may become bored with your site or may only visit the same pages every visit. If they see nothing has changed, they may assume you have nothing new to offer them and just leave before exploring any further.

It is a good habit to get into to set a date every few months to give your site a little face lift or even just changing the arrangement of the same content to make it appear to have changed. These sessions also give you an opportunity to make small changes to make your site more effective.

If you have one area of the site that you know is not getting much traffic, you can change the site to feature that area. It could just be that your visitors can’t easily navigate to that area. By drawing attention to it, your visitors may think it is new content and check it out.

You may also evaluate the areas that are doing very well, decide to get rid of things that are not working and focus more on the things that are. This will make your website more successful. Even a change of colour scheme can be all you need. Just like your home, your website might benefit from a new coat of paint to make it look fabulous and more up-to-date.

If you have not updated your site in several years, one thing you will definitely want to do is add your social accounts like Twitter and Facebook to your site to let your visitors know they can follow you on their favorite social platform.

If you do not currently have a blog on your site, now is the time to add one. This will not only make your site more current, it will give you a huge boost with the search engines. Just be sure that you regularly update your blog with fresh content every few days, or at the very least once per week.

Take this time to really give your website a once over for any ways you can improve your on page SEO. Double check that you have the meta tags filled out, your keywords are displayed in your page titles and that you are using heading tags to the best advantage.

You would be surprised at what a little bit of change to your website can do for your business and for your conversion rate and increased sales. Making little changes to your site also gives you an excuse to send out an invitation to your subscribers to come back and check out the new look. Any excuse to bring repeat visitors to your site will surely pay off.

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