3 Ways to Tap the Social Market

3 Ways to Tap the Social Market

Social Marketing is word of mouth marketing online and offline. The biggest advantage to Social Marketing is the cost. The cost of marketing for a business has risen to levels that the small business owner can not compete with corporate giants. Marketing with Social Media levels the playing field. Small business can offer the personal touch that larger corporations have difficulty doing due to their size.

Marketing is all about connecting with your current customers and targeted consumers. The drawback to this is it does take time and constant regular contact. You can hire a professional Social Marketing Manager to help you to design a marketing plan and assist you to help you keep on top of everything with limited time.

Your blog or website is the hub of your social media marketing. Blogging about interesting facts about your product or service. Engaging content is key on the web. Social marketing will drive traffic to creative and knowledgeable content. You will want to engage your prospects with creative fun, discounts and allow them to interact and comment online.

Best Ways to Get Massive Traffic with Social Marketing

1. Photograph or picture sharing

Posting photographs to photo sharing networks is a great way to market to the masses. Photo posted on flickr with a beautiful or interesting photo will drive lots of traffic. An example of this would be a picture of a zip line carrying and an adventure seeker through a jungle. This would drive traffic to a travel site.

2. Video sharing

Marketing with video can go viral. The video should be interesting, funny or just original. People will share it on their website, Facebook and twitter taking your video to the masses. When people find your video interesting they are already interested in your product when they arrive at your website.

3. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking on sites like digg or has proven useful to many products through the years. You can get your company and products known through posting to these sites.

Social Marketing is about finding people who are interested in your products and company. Engaging them in a conversation. Discussing what they want to talk about. Finding out from them what they really want. Allowing them to discover that your product or service is exactly what they are looking for.

Companies that have used these strategies find the return on their investment is a loyal customer that will remain with them for many years.

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