3 Reasons Why Most People Become Internet Marketing Failures

3 Reasons Why Most People Become Internet Marketing Failures

Every year, people get online and try to get long-term internet income by taking their shot at internet marketing. They think it’s going to be a piece of cake and they think all they have to do is put up a website and they’ll be able to start counting their internet marketing cash. This article will reveal 3 reasons why most internet marketers how you can keep from being one of the statistics.

1) Not enough drive and determination. if you ask any long-term internet marketer, you will notice that they had to work VERY hard to get to the point where they are really raking it in with their website. They also had to undergo a LOT of failures before they started to have success in internet marketing. They also think that they only have to put in 30 minutes a day to building their internet business. This is usually not the case, and most of the “get-rich-quick” stories you hear on the internet are VERY rare.

2) Choosing a very bad market. Another main reason most internet marketers fail is because they choose a bad market. They either do not perform their research or totally miss the boat regarding what the market wants. One way to determine if the market chosen is a buyers market is to go to Google and type in your search term related to your niche. If there are AdWords ads going down the side (the ads that go down the right-had side of Google Search results) then the chances that the market is a buyers market is high. Otherwise the marketer wouldn’t be advertising if they weren’t making money in that niche.

3) Creating a product the market doesn’t want. Most marketers create internet marketing products that addresses customers Needs, but fail to check out their wants. A good criteria for this is to ask 2 very important questions: 1) does the product solve a problem and alleviates pain from the customer and 2) does the product fulfill an irrational desire the customer has? For example, golfers are the perfect market because they are always looking to improve their game–to the point that they are always spending money to fulfill their desire to get better at golf.

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