Starting Your Internet Business

Starting Your Internet Business

Embarking on any new business venture is costly, stressful and tiring. Anyone who has started up a traditional business or an Internet business will realize that there is a lot of work that goes on that the customer does not know about. There was a great deal of work done before the doors opened or the website launched for the first time. Starting your Internet business will take a great deal out of you, especially if you want to be up and running quickly.

Here are a few pointers I can offer you to get you started:

Create a start-up strategy. Write things down and tick them off when you have finished them. A start-up strategy for a new Internet business could look like this:

1] recognize a need

2] work out how you can fulfill that requirement by finding a trustworthy existing supplier or having the goods made for you

3] create a means of informing your potential clients that you have what they require and create a means for them to purchase it right away (a web site and a shopping cart).

4] ascertain your probable customers and tell them how they can resolve their problem

5] work out some practical goals. Delineate where you want to be in three, six, nine, twelve and fifteen months ahead. Keep checking your results against these goals and endeavour to meet them. If you do not, work out why. If you do, reward yourself and upgrade your goals. Do not be over ambitious.

Choose your domain (website) name very cautiously. I only just met someone who had clearly put a great deal of work into a blog and it looked impressive, but a quick check showed that the name of the blog/website had not been looked for on Google even once in the previous month. Do not permit that to happen to you.

If you had not thought about the status of the name of your website before you made it, grab the bull by the horns and change it. Relaunch your web site with the new name. Swallow your pride. You can keep the content.

Build a good-looking website. You can have the web site crafted for you, but you will still need to be able to update it, so you either need a working knowledge of HTML or you need a good HTML editor. Personally, I do not want to be a programmer, so I opted for the best HTML editor that I could find. I use it every day and I love it.

You will need to host your web site. This is cheap enough, less than a hundred dollars a year, but you need to find a decent host. Check how often they are down and check their other guarantees too. Check for statistics. Most provide statistics included in the price, but some take it out of the package to sell them separately at a high cost.

Once you have come this far, you will have to inform people that your web site exists, because it is a falsehood that it will be discovered whatever. Millions and millions are spent on search engine optimization and traffic generation and there are thousands of books you can buy and read on the topic. It is a gigantic and ever-changing technique that requires a study and another article all to itself.

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