Effective Copywriting – How to Attract Male Niche Market Traffic to Your Business

Effective Copywriting – How to Attract Male Niche Market Traffic to Your Business

Think about what’s important to someone who represents either your ideal male or female target audience. The gender of your target market wants to feel like he or she is specifically being spoken to in your marketing piece.

So, carry on a conversation with either a male or female target, rather than both of them simultaneously. That is a great way they know you are specifically marketing to that individual gender. Okay, so what are some important differences between the genders when it comes to writing effective marketing copy?

Generally, women are interested in how a product or service 1)provides comfort, 2)brings people together, 3)beautifies the surroundings, 4)does things to promote world peace and things of an emotionally based, creative nature. Men generally look for much different benefits/results in a product or service than do women.

Men care more about bottom line concerns like 1)time-saving, 2)money-saving, 3)cost-cutting, 4)accurate, 5)efficient, 6)powerful, 7)effective, 8)productivity improving, 9)convenient, 10) speed improving benefits and results your offer brings to the table. Because this article is about attracting the male market, your headline and first paragraph should follow a male theme to grab and keep a male’s attention.

Fascinating brain research by Dr. John Gray of Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus fame reveals that women think differently than men. Using this knowledge, when you want to attract a male target, speak ‘male’ in your marketing copy. Speaking in Gender Content Marketing (GCM) terms, you more quickly attract your desired gendered market to your offer.

Instead of writing with a one-size-fits-all marketing approach, write two versions of your marketing message. Intentionally speak the language that sounds familiar and feels right for each gendered market audience.

If possible, get one domain and write to attract women there. Get another domain and write specifically to attract men. Do the same thing with your marketing brochures.

Respect and understand how each gender thinks. Their needs, wants and desires are both important, yet expressed differently. Write content to your specific, genderized version of your target. That means marketing copy in a brochure for pajamas strictly for men will bear a striking difference for a brochure offering women’s lingerie.

Stop taking a shotgun copywriting approach to your marketing efforts. You can actually increase sales conversions rates and you may speed up sales cycles. Why?

Suppose your offer has a version for men and women. Your website copy takes a uni-sex, ‘shotgun’ approach saying your product or service works for anyone. Your copy starts out appealing to a woman.

Because a man is hardwired to quickly achieve a goal, he will stop reading the copy quickly because it starts out appealing to a woman. He will go no further. He may even shudder thinking your copy has too much estrogen in it for him.

The same is true for women. If your brochure or website copy begins in the front talking about the cost, the materials, the dimensions, if it’s fire retardant or not, the country where it came from, this will bore a woman to tears. She wants to know how she will feel in the lingerie rather than if it’s politically correct or sturdy enough to buy and wear it. So, it’s important that you write copy content in a contextual way appealing to each gender.

Using a GCM sales copy approach, your specific gendered market instantly knows, “Hey, this company is marketing to me!” Writing copy this way gets your message to the right client type.

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