Why Mobile Marketing Is the Future in the Internet Marketing Industry

Why Mobile Marketing Is the Future in the Internet Marketing Industry

Is it possible to make money for your business using a pocket sized machine that is FIVE TIMES BIGGER THAN THE INTERNET?

Technology is rapidly developing in a fast-paced world, and businesses, both big and small should be well advised to take the head and learn about how to advertise their businesses using mobile phones.

Here are FIVE REASONS why small-to-medium-sized firms businesses (and individuals) should tap into mobile advertising.

1) With over 5 Billion people wandering around with mobiles, there’s literally a horde of targeted customers awaiting your sales pitch, or eager to sign up to your email newsletter. To tap into this huge market, you can use Mobile advertising platforms such as AdMob, Adfonic, DeckTrade. Setting up a campaign takes less than five minutes.

2) If your business has a blog, or website, then generating leads directly through mobiles is quicker than waiting for leads to come through web marketing. If you are blogging via WordPress, then there are a few simple plugins that will be able to make your blog optimised for mobile readers. One such plugin is Mobstac, and all you do is type in your details and site URL, and the blog is optimised immediately. You can also tap in your AdMob publishing account and earn revenue from ads on your mobile site.

3) If you’re a struggling artist, a creative writer, or any person involved in the arts, then understanding how to market your talent via mobile is important, (because, there are people waiting to hear or read or listen to your work.

4) If you’re an internet entrepreneur, and are struggling to obtain leads to your business product, video course, ebook, then again, why not be mobile optimised?

5) Or if you’re just someone curious about making some extra cash, then mobile marketing is for you. Using mobiles to advertise affiliate offers can be done by having simple squeeze pages that are optimised for mobiles.

These are just some of the benefits of mobile marketing. For more detailed information on this expanding marketing weapon, go to this link, below and GRAB YOUR FREE REPORT on why your business NEEDS MOBILE READY WEBSITES.

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