What Kind of Certifications Must Professional Cleaning Services Have?

Whether you’re just starting in the janitorial industry or already have a professional cleaning upstate NY service, it’s essential to understand what certifications you need. These certifications will help you grow your business and ease your clients’ minds.

You can learn more about licensing and permits for your professional cleaning upstate NY service on the New York Online Permit Assistance and Licensing (OPAL) website.

CIMS Certification

The first certification that a professional cleaning upstate NY service must have is the CIMS Certification. This ISSA-certified standard demonstrates an organization’s commitment to quality systems, service delivery, human resources, health and safety, environmental stewardship, and management commitment.

It’s also an excellent way to distinguish yourself from competitors who may be less qualified or whose services need to be better. This is especially important in the current climate of tight facility budgets.

Moreover, a CIMS-GB company can help customers achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points. This certification enables building owners and managers to identify companies committed to green cleaning practices.

Whether your company focuses on sanitary maintenance supplies, green cleaning, or both, a CIMS-GB or other certification is an innovative marketing tool that will help you stand out from the competition and attract more clients. If you want to learn more about how these certifications can benefit your business, call Sanico today for a free discovery call.

ISSA Certification

To work as a cleaning company owner, you must earn the ISSA Certification. This national certification program is widely recognized and respected and has various perks.

ISSA’s courses are self-paced and can be completed in as little as six months, allowing you to keep up with your day job while studying for the certification exam. They also provide various learning options, including forums, success coaches, and lectures.

Another perk is that the ISSA test is entirely online and has a high qualification rate. Failed students can retake the exam for free, which can help them feel more confident and less stressed about passing their test.

ISSA also offers various certifications designed to improve the quality and efficiency of cleaning companies. These include the Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) and the Green Building Certification. For example, CIMS helps companies develop management systems that improve cleanliness outcomes and contain costs.

OSHA Certification

The OSHA certification that a professional cleaning upstate NY service must have is an official certificate of competency issued by the United States Department of Labor under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. The training provides in-depth knowledge of workplace hazards and how to avoid them, improving productivity and saving lives.

OSHA courses are typically offered in 10-hour and 30-hour formats. The shorter course is aimed at entry-level workers, while the longer one is for supervisors and other workers with responsibilities related to workplace safety.

Depending on what type of industry you work in, the training will be aimed at specific topics. For example, a 10-hour OSHA construction or general industry outreach training is designed for those working in building development, repairs, and alterations.

When you complete an OSHA course such as OSHA 10 or 30, you’ll receive a certificate proving that you completed the training until your official Department of Labor card arrives. Until then, you can use your certificate to show employers that you comply.

Licensed and Insured

When you hire a professional cleaning upstate NY service, you want to ensure they are licensed and insured. Licensed means that they have passed the minimum requirements to get a state license and insured means that they have a policy that protects them from certain things that can happen.

A business might need many different kinds of licensing, each with its own requirements, costs, and procedures. The best way to figure out what you need is to check your state’s website for the industry you work in. It’ll likely have a section on getting licensed and bonded.

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