What Are The Best Jobs For Retired Teachers

What Are The Best Jobs For Retired Teachers

Retirement seems to be a reality for only the lucky few these days, as economic conditions have caused many retirees to return to the workforce. Educators who once thought they could live off their pension and Social Security money are finding this to be impossible. Among the best jobs for retired teachers are substitute teaching and work at home careers.

Since these individuals made a career out of educating others, it stands to reason that substitute teaching would be one of the best jobs for retired teachers. With flexible hours and great pay, this occupation can allow the retiree to live a comfortable lifestyle and enjoy activities like travel and recreation during the non-working hours. Some retirees find that they earn as much as full-time teachers if they regularly take on substitute assignments.

Another of the best jobs for retired teachers, and one that does not involve leaving the home, is working online. The individual can establish an Internet marketing business designed to help others in the online business community. Teachers have a passion for learning and passing along their wisdom that does not end with retirement. Retirees can learn how to make any online business more successful using Internet marketing techniques. They can then mentor other business owners in implementation of these methods.

Adult learners are just another segment of the student population. Retirees themselves are considered adult learners, as are the online business owners with whom they will be working. Teachers have experience working with all age groups for one purpose or another, so they tend to view adult learners optimistically. They feel comfortable working with other adults to create a successful outcome and they provide support throughout the process.

The most successful teachers are great communicators and some educators have honed this skill to perfection upon retirement. Communication skills are necessary to educate and mentor others in any subject. Being a great leader is also a positive attribute because it allows the retired educator to be viewed as a subject matter expert.

Patience is a virtue and never more so than when working in education. There are days that can try the nerves of those who do not have an abundance of patience, even when the learners are adults. The best jobs for retired teachers involve substituting or working from home doing things like Internet marketing and both require that the teacher frequently pull from the available supply of patience.

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