Want to Start an Internet Business?

Want to Start an Internet Business?

Here’s how to do it the quickest and simplest way. You don’t need a website, a product, a big e-mail list or any technical know-how. It is the perfect business model for the beginning Internet marketer.

It’s called affiliate marketing. Instead of creating a product or struggling with HTML code or FTP programs, you sell someone else’s product and collect a commission from them. The vendor provides the product, website, fulfillment, payment, etc. All you have to do is direct prospects to the website using your unique affiliate link and you get paid. They also give you suggested ads, e-mails and graphics to use in your promotions.

You can find just about any type of product to sell as an affiliate, but the most practical for on-line sales are digital information products. E-books, reports, and instructional courses as well as software, are ideal as they can be delivered electronically in just minutes. Thus you get paid quickly.

Locating products and vendors is simple. has the largest collection of fast-selling digital products and is easy to work with. Sign up at their site and obtain your CB nickname. You will use this nickname to create your special link that identifies you to the product supplier.

Go to the ClickBank Marketplace and browse through the products offered there. Select one that you would like to offer to your market, one that fits your interests and has high customer acceptance. Then sign up with that vendor and obtain the unique link that you will use in your promotions.

That’s all there is to it. Just send prospects to the product website and earn your commissions for each one who buys. ClickBank handles all the financial details and sends you a check.

You can do this over and over with as many products as you wish. After you begin to earn some money from your efforts, you can expand your activities into offering your own products, setting up your own websites and building your customer list. It all starts with taking the first step.

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