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Viral Video: Stand Out From the Rest With a Great Thumbnail

You have finally done it, after all, your hard work, and now is the perfect moment to show how amazing your video is, and beat those cat clips together and put them into shame. Now, you might be wondering how in the world can you encapsulate all that greatness and awesomeness in just a single thumbnail design. It is important to have a thumbnail capturing the full length of your video in one image as well as boosting its clickability for a single fell swoop. Using a thumbnail maker, it is easy to enrich a chosen snapshot with text elements and designs in order to make a clean cut thumbnail design for synchronization of channels and playlists. For your video to be tuned for instant virality, you can customize your social media thumbnail using a thumbnail maker’s user-friendly navigation interface and tools.

You can get more views with an effective video thumbnail, and most successful YouTube thumbnails have embedded emotions through close-up faces. You probably have seen them before, a video thumbnail of a child laughing and an elderly woman who looked shocked. Well, they are not just made because of luck, they are designed. This can be advantageous to you as well, using this effective tactic through an image of a face or a well-placed selfie relating to your video. Even though we are living in the digital world, people are kept connected and inspired by human connection and viral video thumbnails exhibit this through eye contact. If you notice among viral video thumbnails, they depict strong emotions which are very appealing to online viewers. When creating your video thumbnail, you can either show happiness or joy, surprise or shock, fear or anger, and many other types of emotions.

It is also important to have a catchy and effective contextual title or words as long as it does not distract the form of content, aligning it with industry standards and keeping text brief and straight to the point. Just keep the lines short and sweet, arousing curiosity. You can also use logo for your videos to be identifiable, or you can also evoke some type of emotion such as using humor or wit. Playing with colors and brightness is also a good idea, as well as tweaking sharpness, filters, and vignettes to make yourself stick out. You can also pay attention to lines and contrast with the use of colorful cut-out or bold outline to attract more eyes to your content. For more information about making your video stand out and go viral, feel free to view our website.

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