Self Education Will Cost You, But Ignorance Is Devastating – Part 1 of 2

Self Education Will Cost You, But Ignorance Is Devastating – Part 1 of 2

I just want to talk about educating yourself on ways to earn an income from the internet. Even if you have tried a seminar or e-book and did not make any money from it. I want you to know that it is not a waste of your time or money. Each time you go through a course, like something using Google or ClickBank, you learn something. Usually you learn a lot of things you did not know before. So the concept here is that you just paid for some education, it will be worth it. The cost of you not educating yourself is way higher, some call this cost poverty or mental laziness.

Each time you learn something new you gain more understanding of what is going on in Internet Marketing. You take the good of what you learned and add it to what you will learn on the next attempt. You will find out that your success will be determined by how you use the information that you accumulated. I am betting you can put together a method by using parts of all the things that you think you can do and understand into your own personal Internet Marketing Program.

Lets consider a campaign that someone put together using Google and ClickBank. ClickBank is a online Bank that will keep track of all the marketing sales and pays you whatever you earn to put it simply. It does a lot more than that but you will have to learn that by going to their Website. Now this did not come overnight or very easily. It took a lot of time and thinking to put information together with ideas on how to use this knowledge. It might take you six months or maybe two or three years, it all depends on how consistent you are at working toward your goals.

So in this example a business woman set up a contract with Google and got them to create a special link that will track every person she signs up with a Google’s Program. Making it free to join makes it attractive to people. When someone is approved then she creates a domain name with hundreds of web pages on the website. Each web page has ads and Google’s referral code on it.

So the idea here is when someone starts to make money then Google pays her for setting someone up and making them money by selling ads. So the person that signed up for the program does not lose anything and everybody is happy.

Of course I want to give you information so you can understand how some of the internet works. A very large company like Google works on the internet by charging an advertiser an ad that will appear on all of someones Web pages. This is usually between one dollar to fifty dollars a click. Then Google will pay someone about thirty percent of what they charge the advertiser since their ad was clicked from this persons web pages.

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