Internet Marketing – Let Me Sell You on Yourself

Internet Marketing – Let Me Sell You on Yourself

I am a proud Internet marketer. I almost used to be ashamed of it, but no longer. When what you do is give back most of your profits to those who help create them, you’ve got a real winner on your hands that you can truly be proud of.

You often hear prospective Internet marketers sell themselves short when they exclaim: “Oh, I can’t sell anything. I’m really bad at it.” No, they’re not. They just don’t believe in themselves enough to really give it a go. That’s very understandable because so many of us have been burned before, or rejected too many times to count, or gotten involved with shady folks who we trusted, and had high hopes for, only to have them take our money and run.

For many, it doesn’t seem like a viable way to earn money unless you are working for somebody else at their place of business. I do that, too. But, I have realistically high hopes for breaking out of that cycle before too long. I want to be my own boss, working at my own place of business (home), and succeeding by helping others do the very same thing at no cost to them.

What many people do not realize is that they are actually “selling” during many of their waking moments. No, they’re not selling a product, but rather, themselves. When you’re speaking and interacting with friends and colleagues, or on Facebook or Twitter, YouTube or MySpace, you are selling who you are, what you do, the lifestyle and beliefs you hold, and so forth. You are advertising what you are all about so that you can sell others on your worth and value.

What if you could find it in yourself to partner with a business that revolved around giving back most of what you helped them earn? What if it was such a tried-and-true online and offline staple of Americana and the entire Internet community that you could actually be successful doing what the business was intended for: advertising, buying and selling? Could you sell that? I’ll bet you really could.

And then, what if friends and acquaintances of yours who needed this too (and don’t we all at some point or other?), created an additional monthly income stream for you just because you recommended it to them? What if 3 basic advertising packages were sold, and they were very frugally priced, but there was no requirement to purchase any of them, ever, in order to be successful?

You’d need the company to be transparent as the day is long. It couldn’t cost you anything to join and earn very substantial commissions. And, there would have to be a way for you to try it out for a while to see if you liked it before any money changed hands. And, no money would ever have to change hands for you to earn commissions. This company would need to be as American as apple pie, but as global as espresso.

And, it is.

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