How to Maintain Website

How to Maintain Website To be able to become a quality web design service provider , in addition to paying attention to the quality of the website that we create, another thing that needs to be considered is the maintenance of website content.

Maintain Website

Here are some tips for cheap web service providers in maintaining website content.

The website is a parable of our home or office in cyberspace, as in the real world, so that our office or home is visited by many guests or in the virtual world of visitors, we must be diligent in taking care of it.

There are several ways to treat it, namely:

1. Updates for Maintain Website

Visitors to a website definitely want to get information from the websites they visit, therefore web design service providers in Surabaya must be able to create websites with useful content for visitors.

Visitors from a website can also detect whether a website that is created is maintained or not through the time span of updating the contents of the website. The more often you browse the website

If the website is updated by a Surabaya web design service provider, it will be more frequent to maintain the website.

Websites that are never updated are sure to bore their visitors. So we need to update content regularly.

Visitors can detect signs of a site’s life from the date listed on the site’s page. If the date written has a very long range compared to today then it will indicate that the website is not maintained and has never been updated.

Fill the website with useful content for visitors such as articles, news, agendas or others. Don’t forget to always include the date on each post so that visitors know when the page was last updated.

2. Data Backup for Maintain Website

Action that is no less important is data backup. We need to do this step to anticipate if at any time there is a disturbance on the web server.

If we don’t do regular backups, of course all the data stored on the web server will instantly be lost.

It’s different if we have a data backup, we can easily restore the data once the web server is repaired.

Backing up data on a regular basis is an important thing that must be done by a Surabaya web design service provider. This is because if at any time there is a disruption to the web server, the lost data can be recovered again.

3. Monitor Statistics

How to Maintain a Website Website statistics are very important to know the development of a website. We can know the number of visitors, where they come from and what pages are favorites from these statistics. We can take advantage of Google Analytic services to get these statistical data.

Don’t forget to always check the bandwidth used every month. If the bandwidth is almost reaching the maximum limit, it’s a good idea to consider increasing the bandwidth quota.

4. Change Website Appearance

How to maintain a website To make it look fresh, we can change the appearance of the website. But remember, don’t change the look too often, just once or twice a year we make changes.

5. Website Promotion

How to Maintain Website To achieve maximum results we need to do promotions regularly. The goal is that visitors who come always increase from time to time.

Well, those are some simple tips that we can do to take care of the website. Maybe someone has other ideas?

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