How to Design a Cool Website

Along with the times, the tools used in making website designs are increasingly sophisticated. Even now you don’t have to be great at programming languages ​​to create cool and contemporary website designs.


The website is created and designed to provide information to visitors, of course it is presented with an attractive design so that visitors are comfortable when reading and this also helps build visitor trust.

There are two ways to design a cool website:

By using a Programming Language

The first way to create a web design is to use programming languages ​​such as HTML, Javascript, CSS, etc.

By using the Drag & Drop feature

This method is quite easy, simple, fast and very trendy today. These can be found on website building and development platforms like wix. In addition to the website creation and development platform, the Drag & Drop feature can also be found in CMS such as WordPress and Joomla.

What does it take to design a cool website?

1. Responsive Web

One thing that is necessary in designing a website is the responsive web. In today’s era, the average person all over the world is browsing using a smartphone. Not only responsive smartphones , make sure the website is responsive when accessed using other devices or whatever.

2. Use images or photos

Websites that only display text will feel boring. To increase the visual appeal of visitors to feel at home and linger, then use interesting pictures or photos. There are many sites that provide photos or images at low prices and some are even free. Not only images or photos, videos can also increase visual appeal.

3. Content layout

Content layout is very important in website design. The goal is to make it look neat, organized, simple and comfortable to look at so that visitors can easily find what they need. In making a website, you must also need neatness and order in writing code.

4. Clear Navigation

With the help of clear navigation, visitors will easily find the information they are looking for in the website.

5. Use of Color

Color also has a big influence in terms of design, it is closely related to emotions and the right side of the human brain.

6. Call to Action (CTA)

Invite visitors to act on the website, direct them to visit the products that have been provided or invite to contact information so they can get in touch.

7. Selection of Templates/Themes

Choose a template/theme according to your needs, don’t push it too much according to trends.

8. Use of Fonts

Choose an attractive font and the font model is not too excessive. Also make sure the distance between words, font size and text arrangement is clear when designing the website so that it is easy for visitors to read.

9. Trial & Error

When designing a website there must be a design result that does not match expectations. try to do with other ideas. The more you explore and experiment, the more likely you are to find something cool, unique and special.

Websites are not only focused on the design, but on the content as well, that’s very important. Prioritize the needs, comforts and desires of visitors so that they get what they want.

In making cool designs, it is also completely up to yourself because everyone has their own definition of cool.

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