How a Newbie Can Find an Internet Marketing Mentor

How a Newbie Can Find an Internet Marketing Mentor

A mentor is a valuable person to have in your quiver of “learning arrows” as you get started in the field of internet marketing. Depending on what your needs are, it might even be necessary and/or desirable to have more than one mentor.

By definition, a mentor is a person who has the skill, knowledge, and experience in a particular field to be able to help another who doesn’t have those same skills, knowledge, and experience, at least not in the depth to be able to successfully employ them.

A sports coach would be a good example. A good football coach played the sport, has both offensive and defensive experience, and learned the sport from several different people as he became experienced enough to be able to coach new players.

The same holds true for an internet marketing mentor. Don’t think you can learn to be successful in this field by learning from someone who has just marketing experience. It would be like trying to learn how to play football from someone who had been the punter on a football team. He knows a lot about a very narrow and specialized area of football, but not enough to turn a rookie into a good player of the sport.

Marketing by itself is an important part of internet marketing, but it is only one of the many facets of a very broad field. There are the technical aspects of getting set up on the internet, writing skills necessary to convince your prospects to want whatever you are trying to sell, internet etiquette to know and understand, etc. You get the idea.

So, how do you find an internet marketing mentor? Well, go on the internet, join forums, chat groups, or internet clubs. Take part in what these organizations are doing.

At first, keep your keyboard quiet and just read and listen to what’s going on. Then, begin to join into the discussions. Soon, you will begin to know some of the people who have a passion for helping others get started. Then, ask for help.

Also, check around the town you live in and see if there are any groups that are focused on internet skills. You will probably find there are at least a few of them. Go to some meetings and then join a group. You will soon find people who will be willing to help you with the various areas where you will surely need help.

When you think about it, getting started in internet marketing isn’t much different than getting into any other field. So go ahead and get started. It’s a fascinating field with lots of knowledgeable people who will be glad to show you the ropes. Good luck.

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