Can You Really Make Money Doing Nothing? Not Exactly

Can You Really Make Money Doing Nothing? Not Exactly

If you want to make money doing nothing, then go work for the government or someone else who won’t hold you accountable for getting things accomplished.

Making money online or running an Internet business is certainly not for you. The world of Internet marketing does require work just like any other business on the planet. Even drug dealers have to do work sometimes!

Now, that being said, when your online business is setup properly, you will earn money when you’re not doing anything.

For example, I really do earn money while I sleep. I can also take a vacation and have more money in my bank account than when I left. So during those times I literally am earning money doing nothing. However, a lot of work went into creating and maintaining the systems that create that money for me.

There is a key word in that last sentence that will unlock a whole new world for you.

Do you know which word it is?


For example, here’s one system I use a lot. I’ll set up a website and put up several pages of content and several product reviews. I’ll add in several product reviews and some Ads on the site. I then add links to get organic search engine traffic. I let it sit for a little while (like making a good brisket, it takes a little time), and then it starts making me money even though I’m no longer actively working on the site.

Of course, systems can involve people too. Even though I hire people to create most of the content for me, I look at people as just a part of the system since whether it’s done by a machine or a human; it still gets done and means I don’t have to do it.

Learn to take advantage of systems and it will look to the casual observer that you make money doing nothing (even though we both know better).

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