Affiliate Pay Per Click Overview – 3 Mistakes That Cost You Money

Affiliate Pay Per Click Overview – 3 Mistakes That Cost You Money

When you stared your affiliate pay per click business you already knew how to use AdSense and publish your ads to direct traffic to your site. But there are so many small things that can make or break your campaign. With AdSense you have several settings and depending on how you set them, you could be losing money with your affiliate pay per click campaign.

Affiliate pay per click has become a costly Internet marketing method but when done properly, and avoiding these mistakes, it can still bring in a sizable revenue. I don’t know of any other Internet marketing method besides affiliate pay per click that could cost you money one week and earn you money the next.

Setting #1:Content Network – The content network is the part of AdSense that will display your ads on every website that has signed up for AdSense. This means you will be displaying your ad on website that get paid to click your ad. There are many sites that are plagued with ad clicking fraud and irrelevant content. You want to turn it off. You will lower your relevant traffic significantly if you leave this option on. To turn it off log into your AdWords account, click on a campaign, click edit campaign settings. From there remove the check next to content network.

Setting #2: Daily Budget – If you want your affiliate pay per click to get clicks and do well you need to give your campaign enough room to work with. If you have a low daily budget you may not get much traffic at all. A low budget will affect the way Google displays your ads. If your budget is set too low Google may rarely display your ads if they are displayed at all. It is recommended that you set your budget a little higher than you actually want and monitor it closely. It is hard to get any traffic with a very low budget.

Setting #3: Bid Price – Many people think if you set your bid price high that your affiliate pay per click campaign will get more views. The problem is the cost can spiral out of control quickly. Unless you are experienced with PPC marketing it is good to keep your bid prices as low as possible. Best positions can usually be done for $0.50 or less. If you try to outbid your competitors you’ll just pay more for your visitors.

With all the risk associated with affiliate pay per click campaigns and marketing there are many things you need to keep your eye on. Most times you wind up paying a lot more for the same traffic, or getting poor traffic. The goal off affiliate pay per click is to pay as little as possible for the highest return.

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