2 Offline Sources That Can Boost Your Online Sales

2 Offline Sources That Can Boost Your Online Sales

Are you currently marketing your website via offline means? Everyday I see an internet based company advertising themselves on TV. Some of these businesses range from computer sites, coupon sites, and even dating sites. Now even though you may not have the money to advertise your website everywhere on the internet, you can surely use a few offline methods that can help you to earn money online.

If you plan to market your internet business online, you have to do your homework. Find out if there has ever been a similar company as yours who are advertising their business offline. If you find one, you will want to play customer. See how they acquire you, see how they attempt to close you on the sale, and see if they implement backend marketing into their business also.

Everything that they do, you will want to do – especially if they are having success with their business. Now you don’t want to copy their ads and campaigns… you just want to see how they do it, and how they run their business, so that you can do similar things in your business also.

If you want to use offline methods to bring targeted traffic back to your website, then you have a few different ways of doing about doing so. In fact, here’s one way that you can use offline marketing to get you more traffic to your website. I’m sure you’ve probably tried it before, but I will mention it here again for you:

1) Advertorials

With an advertorial, you give yourself the chance to promote your business in third person view. With this third person view, you can say things about your website and yourself that would be hard to believe if it came out of just a simple ad. With your advertorial, you will want to make it seem like an endorsement.

Don’t start off great with your advertorial and then turn it into a sales pitch at the last 2 paragraphs of it. This will diminish the credibility factor of the advertorial, and it may cause some people not to take action. Also, be sure to make your advertorial blend in well with the other articles of the newspaper or magazine. This will help a lot. Here’s another offline marketing technique that you will want to do:

2) Classified advertising

Classified advertising offline can be a great way to reach people and get them to visit your website. I think the classified advertising that goes on in the offline world is much better than the classified ad sites that you see online. With the offline classified ad sections of the newspaper and magazine, you know that it’s being viewed by real people – and not robots.

This strategy can bring you new leads to your website – depending on how you market yourself. Rely on the proven copywriting strategies and get people back to your website immediately. This will only benefit you in the long run.

Good luck with using these 2 offline marketing methods to get you more traffic to your website.

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