Fender Washers in Today’s World: Not Just for Automobiles

With so many pieces of hardware being manufactured overseas now, people appreciate being able to find a manufacturer in this country still producing american made fender washers. They can place online orders with a company like Superior Washer & Gasket Corp. if they need standard or customized products. Customer service is available to answer questions by phone or through email.

Characteristics of Fender Washers

When it comes to washers, fender isn’t a brand like the Fender guitar is, but a description of design. The devices got their name for their use on vehicle fenders. The metal part of a fender washer is much larger than the size of the hole in the middle, typically at least two or three times larger. This makes it particularly useful for widening the area handling a load on thin metal. Pressure is thus more broadly distributed under a nut or bolt. Sometimes the hole actually looks quite tiny compared to the metal around it.

Sizes and Materials

The most commonly ordered sizes for the outside diameter of these washers range up to five inches. Customers also must indicate how thick they want the devices to be. Washers typically are purchased in thicknesses between one-eighth to one-quarter of an inch, but can be ordered in other sizes. Steel is a commonly used metal for these devices, and they are available in zinc-plated and stainless steel versions. The thicker fender washers are technically known as dock washers.

Customers Needing Large Quantities

Customers of companies selling this hardware in large quantity and in nonstandard sizes often include plumbing contractors, electricians, electronics companies and factories working with sheet metal. As the name of fender washers would indicate, they are still used in the automotive industry. General contractors also use them for purposes such as installing ceiling tile, and they also are used in the heating and cooling industry.

Individuals looking for fender washers can pick them up at a hardware store, but businesses often place orders for hundreds or thousands of these devices at a time. They can save a significant amount of money by buying the components in bulk.