Keyword Research Made Easy

Keyword Research Made Easy

Conducting comprehensive keyword research is the foundation of most search engine marketing plans.  Before launching an SEO campaign, article marketing plan, social media profile, or other search marketing strategy, it is essential that you understand what your potential customers are already looking for.  What words do they type into search engine queries to find information?  What would they enter if they were looking for your site?  How many people are searching for keywords or keyword phrases that pertain to your product, service, or website? 

Each of these questions must be  answered and understood before implementing a search engine optimization plan.  To get the best keyword research for your site, learn these tricks and techniques.

Use a great research tool. 

Google’s AdWords program includes a great, free keyword tool, located at ; You can also use another keyword research tool such as Keyword Discovery or Word Tracker.  Keyword Discovery and Word Tracker are preferred for finding long-tail keyword terms, while Google’s free program offers great preliminary suggestions.

Think outside the box.

When considering the keywords that your potential traffic might enter, broaden your perspective.  Word association games, like the Password game show on television, demonstrate how the differences in how people make associations and relate words and phrases. For instance, someone interested in dog training might type in dog bite to find answers.  Consider multiple possibilities before selecting your first round of targeted keywords. 

Geography can also play a role in your keyword selection.  Although English is spoken in many countries around the globe, word meanings differ by geographic location.  For instance, Australians use the word boiler to describe a furnace. If you are catering to an international audience, be sure to consider dialect and vocabulary differences.

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