Media Buys Coach Will Teach Internet Marketing With a New Traffic Source

Media Buys Coach Will Teach Internet Marketing With a New Traffic Source

You have been doing affliate marketing for awhile now with pay per click (PPC) with Google, Bing or Yahoo Search Marketing. Thing were going fine but now you run into couple of different scenarios.

The first scenario is that you have reached the plateau of making as much as you can on PPC and you just don’t know where else to get new traffic source for your successful campaigns. You are looking to scale out but just don’t know how to do it or where to start. You’ve probably heard of media buy but just don’t want to jump and lose money like you did when you first learned PPC.

The second scenario is you were making a lot of money but suddenly you have the FTC, Oprah, Dr. Oz and Google coming down on you. Google and other search engines are making it so much harder for you to get a campaign off the ground with so many restrictions. It seems like you have to come up with tricks and cloaks to get anything to work these days. Maybe you should give media buying a try??

Media buying is a whole different ball game. You have a huge inventory of traffic sources that doesn’t require so much thought into the campaigns. You just let it run to get data then tweak and optimize the campaign. Sure I make it sound pretty simple but it requires a higher budget to start off with. And you need to know how to setup the contracts with these advertisers so you don’t get screwed if your campaign is not converting. So its best if you found a place to get some coaching to help you learn the ropes and get you on your way to making 10x times as much with less headache!

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