Internet Marketing Tips – What Kind Of Marketer Are You?

Internet Marketing Tips – What Kind Of Marketer Are You?

I want to thank Eric over at the Warrior Forum for inspiring me to write this article. He started talking about focus and why people fail, because of lack of it, and it got me thinking about possibly another reason that marketers fail that has nothing to do with focus at all. It’s the kind of marketer you are. No, I’m talking about whether you sell health products or IM products or whatever. I’m talking about how seriously you take your marketing. Let me explain.

At the bottom rung of the ladder, we have the casual marketer. This is probably the guy who has a full time job and really doesn’t want to dedicate his life to this stuff. After all, he’s already working an eight hour day and the last thing he needs is to come home and put in another four to six hours marketing online. So the casual marketer might do an hour a day here and there, probably take weekends off and do as little as possible. If you’re a casual marketer, don’t expect great results. It won’t happen.

Then we have the semi serious marketer. This is the guy who does put in a little more time and effort but he takes shortcuts on the tasks that he knows are going to take a long time to do properly. For example, he might do just the minimum amount of SEO on his site or maybe just go after a few backlinks because getting as many as he knows he really needs is going to take an enormous amount of effort. Don’t get me wrong. He puts in a good working day, but he doesn’t go all out. The semi serious marketer might even make $5,000 a month, but he’s never going to hit six or seven figures.

Finally, we have the dead serious marketer. This is the guy who crosses every T and dots every I. He leaves nothing to chance. In fact, this guy is almost compulsive about his marketing. One might even say he’s OCD. If it has to get done, it gets done in triplicate. He most likely doesn’t have a full time job and spends all day and night at the computer marketing…leaving no stone unturned. This marketer is the guy who is going to make a huge success of question about it.

So tell me, where do you fit in? Are you one of those types or somewhere in between them? There are some people who are in the middle and just need a little push to get to the next level. And then there are people who already put in their time, like I did for many years, and have decided to take it easy after making it. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you know where you are and where you’re going.

Whatever type of marketer you are, you’re only going to get the kind of results that comes from putting in that amount of work.

That is until somebody invents that magic button that we can all push and have hundred dollar bills fall from the sky.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim