Common SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid in Building a Website

Common SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid in Building a Website

We all know that it is important to optimize websites in adherence to SEO standards to make it rank well on search engines. This is very crucial even in getting more visitors to your website. In integrating search engine optimization features, many people make some mistakes that do that give them full benefit of SEO for their sites. Here are five such common mistakes:

Designing a websites and then taking up SEO: most people forget that the aim of a having a website is to represent the business online. In realizing this goal, optimizing it in accordance to search engine standards is important. But if you design the site according to your taste and then try optimizing it, it does not serve the purpose fully. The integration of SEO should be planned before the design layout is ready.

Keyword stuffing: many people still believe that stuffing content with keywords will give them good search engine rankings. While it may give some boost to rankings and earn few visitors, it can annoy the visitors when they start reading. Such content does not help conversions.

Lack of image optimization: adding interesting images and optimizing them with Alt tags can boost search engine rankings and appeal to visitors.

Not consumer friendly: many people get overwhelmed about executing their ideas in the site and build one that appeals to their taste. They forget to design a site that is appealing to the consumers. In realizing the purpose of websites, it is most important to make users like them.

Web pages splurge: most people enthusiastically bombard the website with many pages and completely ignore updating it later. It is rather a good practice to store the ideas for various pages and keep adding them from time to time. Both search engines and consumers like to explore something new.

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