How to Make an Honest Review About a ClickBank Product?

How to Make an Honest Review About a ClickBank Product?

It’s a mistake not buying the ClickBank product if you’re doing some type of product review, I don’t care what it is.

Even though the internet has become the new home of every crook and scam artist in the world, online searchers and buyers aren’t stupid. And they are checking things out even more before pulling out their credit card.

Reviewing a merchant’s sales page or someone else’s review may get you sales. But doing real reviews from your own perspective will get you many many more.

A real review (breaking the product down, section by section etc…) can fill a WP blog, get you great rankings and if you’re good, pass AdWords approval process with good QS.

A poor review will have you scratching your head wondering why you’re not making any money.

If you have a problem with buying then returning, ask the merchant for a copy or just keep it.

One other reason that I buy everything I review (this article is about ClickBank) and strongly advise the same:

When you find a product that isn’t any good or doesn’t live up to their claims, and it’s heavily marketed or popular, you can do another type of campaign. I didn’t coin the campaign but I call it going against and the results can be stunning.

Using a product name or part of one as your keyword/s and domain/s and writing a review against it (negative) while promoting another product in the same niche can have awesome results.

Works with PPC and articles.

You can use it in AdWords but you must have a solid blog or website for them. And you have to review your product top to bottom (that’s why you need to buy and use it) and have at least an 8 page blog or site.

You’re catching people searching for a product name ready to buy. Your mission, convince them the product they’re searching for isn’t worth it (you won’t know unless you use/try it) and the one you recommend is the 2nd coming (again, use/try this one and make sure it is good)!

Have links for both. Your recommendation will convert better but even the against product will convert.

If you do a lot of research searching all kinds of stuff ( I spend hours upon hours) what you’ll see is about 90% or more of pure junk that’s organically ranked. Most of it is the same junk, just spun over and over. Or it takes looking at 10 different listings to find something worth while.

Even though AdWords got rid of most of the scam type or weak advertising accounts, the stuff still running isn’t really that good.

My point is, the competition is fierce but most of it can be beaten because their content is so blatantly bad.

It’s all bad because they’re all using the same resources that used the same resources to write it.

Might even be the merchant’s review!

You can separate yourself from the crowd in that niche by having a great review site.

Searchers appreciate it and so will you’re bank account!

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