My First Website – How To Find A Market Niche

My First Website – How To Find A Market Niche

A market niche is a part of the market. It describes a group of products or services that belong to this market. Internet marketing is based on niches. This means that each commercial website is targeting a group of products or services. There are even smaller niches called micro niches that target a small group within a niche.

Online business heavily depends on traffic from search engines. Traffic from search engines depends on ranking positions for target keywords. Top positions in search results get most of the clicks. To get there you need to target keywords that have low competition and high search volume.

Taking this into account you should target niches or micro niches where you will be able to find suitable keywords that satisfy basic competition and search volume criteria. Unfortunately, most common niches already have huge competition. This means that targeting any popular niche will most likely fail because all keywords or search phrases with high search volume have very strong competition. The only solution for success in a reasonable time is to focus on micro niches.

Another parameter that needs to be taken into account is commercial value of the niche and keywords. This is the price of products, services or ads that you will be able to sell or advertise.

Finding niches suitable for internet marketing is easier than you may think. All you have to do is to look around. Everything you see can be converted in a micro niche. Take a look around. You see a computer monitor, loudspeakers, CDs, telephone, USB Flash disk, screwdriver, pen, tuner, magazines, audio cables, etc. All these niches contain many undiscovered micro niches. All you have to do is to check each niche for suitable keywords.

Keyword research is a tough task which can be simplified with right tools. There are many internet marketing and SEO tools that make keyword research a simple and fast process. Usually you will start with a seed keyword (the name of the niche, e.g. computer monitor) and the software will list all related keywords with important parameters. It is up to you to define threshold values for daily search volume, the number of competing pages, competition strength, etc. In many cases you will find that many smaller niches are already explored and have strong competition. But sooner or later you will discover a small micro niche that nobody has found yet.

Finding a micro niche with profitable keywords and low competition is not so difficult. You need to think about all possible things people may need or use. Ideas for online projects can be found at all possible places: around you, in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, restaurant, toilet, etc. Be resourceful.

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