What Is the Difference Between SEO and Internet Marketing?

What Is the Difference Between SEO and Internet Marketing?

Many start-up Internet marketers are not aware what the difference between SEO and Internet marketing is. The explanation is very quick and easy though. Internet marketing is promoting products and services online. There are different ways to do that, and one of the ways is SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization. Here is a quick guide to different Internet marketing strategies and to determine if SEO is the right way for you to market online.

Internet marketing is not different from being a direct agent of a company; the only difference is that the advertising strategies are designed for online advertising. So instead of physically going out there or placing ads in local papers, Yellow Pages, radio or TV, maybe delivering leaflets and direct mail, you will have to find the same customers online. The good news is that it is much easier to find customers online than ever, as more and more consumers are searching for services and products on the Internet.

You can choose from many profitable Internet marketing strategies to promote your or other people’s products, services online. There are some paid methods like Google AdWords, other search engine listings and inclusion in some of the directories too. You can also place advertisements on other people’s websites and classified sites. But the very best and cheapest method of generating traffic that can be turned into a paying customer base in the long run is Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine optimization is considered to be the most effective free traffic generation Internet marketing method. It is a little bit like a words and numbers game. If you get these two right you will be able to get the visitors to your site who are looking for just the product or service you are offering. How many more customers you will gain and how much you will be able to build up your company’s reputation are going to depend on the quality of your SEO campaign.

What Is The Basic SEO Strategies a Company Website Can use?

1. Article Marketing

One of the most effective SEO strategies is article marketing. The company does not have to create the content themselves; they can employ a freelance writer or a SEO company to create an article marketing campaign for them. Every link back to the site is going to potentially refer an interested visitor to the web page, and every link is going to increase the site’s ranking in search engines.

2. Press Releases

As with article marketing a company can get interested visitors to their site in just seconds if the SEO targeting strategy is planned well. The other advantage of press releases is that it improves credibility and public relations too, not to mention that companies can directly promote their new products to targeted readers.

3. Optimizing pages

In order to set up a profitable SEO strategy a company has to get their websites optimized for search engines. This can be a lengthy process, especially if one has no experience in keyword research, however this obstacle can be easily overcome by employing a SEO expert company to do the whole project.

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