Internet Marketing Tips – Build Your Online Business Quickly With The 36 Hour Getaway Strategy

Internet Marketing Tips – Build Your Online Business Quickly With The 36 Hour Getaway Strategy

When you are getting started online it can easily become overwhelming. Soon you will be exhausted from everything that you need to learn and do, and many people just give up when this happens. I figured out a strategy to help you push through and accomplish your goals in record time.

I recommend taking a 36 hour getaway every quarter. Even if you have many family and work obligations, this is doable with the help and support of your family and friends. I am suggesting that once every three months you plan an overnight trip to be able to focus only on your business. When I first did this in 2006 I went to a beautiful hotel by the beach in Ventura, California. It was only an hour’s drive from my house and they were having a special price because it was off season. I left on a Saturday morning around seven and returned home on Sunday night around seven in the evening. During those thirty-six hours I focused just on creating my very first product. You can do this by finding a location not far from your home where you can get away, even if you currently have a full time job and young children at home.

When you arrive it will be too early to check into your room, so find a place to sit down and write in your notebook. This is where you will write articles and blog posts, as well as an outline for a new product and its sales letter. Something about being away from the noise, distractions, and familiar surroundings make this a perfect way to build your business quickly.

By the time you eat lunch and check into your room, you will have written about ten pages of notes and ideas. I recommend staying in your hotel room until you check out the next morning at eleven o’clock or so, giving you the maximum amount of time to get your work finished. You will feel so energized and refreshed from having this time to yourself that you will have a whole new outlook on what is possible by the time you return home that evening.

Talk about this getaway strategy with your family members. Even if it seems like this would be impossible for you to implement any time soon, the more you think about it and discuss it with others the sooner it will become a part of how you can build your online business quickly.

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