Real Internet Marketing Education – The IM Advantage

Real Internet Marketing Education – The IM Advantage

Learning how to run your business online, can be tough. Many people try tons of internet marketing training courses or education programs out there, only to find that they don’t work. However, there is one education program that is making positive buzz, and it’s called The IM Advantage.

The IM Advantage creators Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey have put together the ultimate online training and education program on the web. Steven and Tim have made millions online, and they continue to dominate the internet marketing world with superior and up to date online marketing education.

Why The IM Advantage Is Better Than A Degree In Internet Marketing

Getting a degree in online marketing is probably the most complex thing to accomplish. It’s not the toughest degree to get, but it is the most complex to figure out. You see, the Internet changes everyday, and what you learn today, this week, this month, may change tomorrow. Lets face it, nobody is going to stay in school, paying for an education that constantly changes. Even if it did change, do you really want to keep taking courses over again from professors? This brings me to my next point.

People who are successful in online marketing, I mean the 5, 6, to 7 figure earners, don’t need an education. They know more than the professors who are teaching it. The professors teach you how to go out and find a “JOB” in the internet marketing industry. You will find that the most successful people who are Internet Marketers don’t need a normal “JOB” because they know so much. they can work for themselves.

You also have online education programs like The IM Advantage that teaches you everything from A-Z on how to make a fortune online. They don’t teach you how to find a job, they teach you how you never have to work for somebody ever again. This is why having an Internet Marketing degree is hard to comprehend. You will learn stuff from multi-millionaire people online, than you will with an education.

The Advantages Of Having a Degree In Internet Marketing

One great thing about having an education is having that on your resume. If you want to become a consultant for companies in your local area, you can show them that degree in online marketing just to give you a boost. There is nothing wrong with it, but remember you will spend around $50,000 to get an Internet Marketing education.

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