Internet Marketing Tips – Why Your Internet Marketing-Based Business Sales Are Extremely Low

Internet Marketing Tips – Why Your Internet Marketing-Based Business Sales Are Extremely Low

One of the biggest challenges facing internet marketers is how to generate regular sales. It’s not uncommon to hear outcries as well as negative remarks about internet marketing based business.

In this article, you are going to learn some basic internet marketing tips that will help you sky rock your sales within a short period of time.

The first thing you need to ought to know is that building traffic takes time as well as effort especially if you are utilizing a free marketing method.

And again in any kind of business you find yourself whether online or offline, there must be some kind of competition. And those who make a breakthrough have a “UPS” known as Unique Selling Point. For example, Burger king “Have It Your Way” and CNN “Be the first to know” and so on.

The same thing applies to internet marketing based business but maybe in a different way.

Below are two must vital internet marketing tips you can’t do without as an internet marketer.

1. Landing Page – A lot of people think a site is merely a place to display your product and services. While that’s one of the basis purpose but not as important as the ease to navigate as well as ability to convert sales.

Never display numerous items on your landing page/site except if you are an internet marketing guru whose site is receiving thousands of unique visitors everyday.

Even at that, you will be surprised that a site with fewer items on display and receiving lesser amount of unique visitor daily generates more sales than a site that gets higher number of visitor but is jam packed. Never make that mistake except if you are Amazon or eBay who are already established.

What most internet entrepreneurs do is to create a site as well as blog where their main site/homepage will serve as opt in link and the blog purely content only.

However, a site with many items in display can still be organized and user friendly. The best way to go about this is to resort to experimenting and testing.

2. Keyword – Your choice of keyword is what determines your success as an internet marketer. Ordinarily a keyword like “marketing” or “internet marketing” is more competitive than “internet based marketing business”.

It might take you years to rank high for a one/two word keyword than a three keyword phrase. That is the basis truth.

You need to also properly optimize your site and blog as well as build back links to your site on a daily basis.

These are the two most vital internet marketing tips that can make your internet marketing based business profitable.

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