Newbie Internet Marketing Roadblocks

Newbie Internet Marketing Roadblocks

One of the first obstacles that usually impede the Newbie Internet Marketer is the Seasoned Internet Marketer. Some of the Seasoned Internet Marketers are just waiting for unsuspecting Newbie Internet Marketers, to happen along and buy into their half baked ideas on how to get rich quick. This is a dark niche all by itself, which most respectful marketers avoid. This scares quite a few Newbie’s away for good, usually after they receive a product that is inferior, or their pockets are drained.

The second obstacle Newbie Internet Marketers face is a plethora of Internet Marketing terminology. There’s an abbreviated term for everything internet marketers do or use, and it can become very confusing and intimidating at first. This usually leads to frustration and/or giving up for the phonetically challenged.

The third obstacle Newbie Internet Marketers face, even if they manage to survive the first two obstacles, is internet development skills. These skills must be understood and implemented. Without these skills, you have to hire someone who does have them. This can get expensive in a hurry, and it also takes many forms of business control away from the business owner. I’ve seen unwanted business name changes this way.

The fourth obstacle is Business Management, this is one I can’t stress enough. Nurture, Nurture, and Nurture. A business is not a business without customers, and customers need care not shady products. A business is its own living breathing entity that requires attention. If you neglect it, it will die! Bad news travels fast on the internet. Enough said.

So most Newbie’s hit these obstacles and freeze, they begin pecking at their business like a hobby! Not that hobbies are a bad thing mind you, they are actually responsible for millions of dollars in internet sales every year. The only problem with that approach is you can’t pay the bills tinkering with a hobby.

It can be very difficult to start an Internet Business with any success at first, but it is very doable. It takes skill development in many areas, patients, passion, and a true love for the business. It will also take some trial and error, but most people are instant gratification junkies! If they don’t see money rolling in right away, “This Product Doesn’t Work”, that’s when product or business model hopping begin with no game plan. This means there is no real focus on anything, the grass is greener on the other side theory.

Some Internet Marketing skill development is pretty cut and dry, and comes fairly easy, but other skills such as HTML (hypertext markup language), SEO (search engine optimization), Article Marketing, PPC (pay per click), Writing EBooks, or Social Marketing…(traffic or product development skills), require some serious study habits, attention to detail, and a real understanding of what customers are looking for in your niche.

Just because you know how to ride a motorcycle, doesn’t mean you can beat a world champion motorcycle racer in a race! But if you followed the champ around the track for a while, and watched his techniques, and became more skilled at riding, and tuning your bike, you could probably give him a run for his money in a couple of months…right?

Internet Marketing is no different! This is a race with champs involved, take some laps and watch them in action. Take notes and apply what you learn. Go tune your Internet Marketing “Crotch Rocket” (Business) and get in the race! You have to trade some paint and scrub some elbows to compete in the Internet Marketing arena! Success only comes before work in the dictionary.

Focus, and remember: “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything”.