List Building Techniques – How to Get 100 Subscribers Every Day

List Building Techniques – How to Get 100 Subscribers Every Day

List building should be your number one priority if you have an online business and want to make a full time income. It is the difference between someone who treats internet marketing as a business or someone who treats it as something to just pay the bills. By building a list, you are building a true asset for your business and lifetime customers who will purchase your products.

There are numerous ways to start building an email list but first you need to set up your website in such way that a high conversion rate, such as 30% or more could be achieve without too much effort. One of the better ways to achieve a high conversion rate from people opting in to your list is by building a squeeze page.

A squeeze page is a website in which the visitor could only perform on action on your page, and that is opting in to your newsletter. It mainly consists of a really good headline, some bullet points showing strong benefits and the opt in box, in which people would put their name and email address.

If you are able to match your squeeze page with the emotions of the visitors, then you should get a high converting page and it would only be a matter of how much traffic can you send to your squeeze page, so it can grow exponentially.

So how can you get 100 subscribers per day?

I would recommend two methods. The first one is called article marketing and the second one is call Per-per-click.

What I like a lot about article marketing for building your list, is that the quality of traffic you will get from this type of source is very qualified. The prospect would usually read all the article, then if he or she liked the article then they would go to your website and then if you really connected with them, they would opt in. So it works as a screening process that will leave behind people who were not really interesting.

The key to getting traffic from article marketing and thus reaching those 100 subscribers per day lies on the amount of articles you can submit each and every day. Article marketing is a numbers game, so the more you write, the more traffic you can get and the bigger your list will get.

As for Pay-per-click advertising, I still belief it is a good method to build your list but I would only start with PPC once my article marketing campaign got momentum. The reason for this is because pay-per-click costs money, so in order to off set that cost, the income you are generating from your article marketing traffic can be invested in your PPC campaign. This would make your list grow exponentially because it could bring you unlimited free leads.

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