The Truth About Second Income Coach – SIC

The Truth About Second Income Coach – SIC

Second Income Coach is a collective group of services that provides basic and advanced on-line marketing training for anyone seeking to understand and master social marketing skills. One of the greatest challenges facing home based business owners who need to market their product(s) or service(s) on-line is understanding how to do it.

The growth of home based businesses has tripled in recent years, mostly due to the current economy. High unemployment rates, high transportation costs and high child care costs have been the blame. Regardless of the varied reasons, more and more people make the decision to enter a home based business to hopefully save money. However, working from home is not as glamorous as it used to be. For many it’s an up hill struggle. The age of internet marketing or social marketing is slowly taking over the way we do business. For a home based business entrepreneur to succeed in today’s world, knowledge of internet marketing is mandatory. Don’t believe the old school “lie” that the internet is not important. That is one sure and quick way to failure.

Many home based business owners who belong to a marketing company or are doing their own home business quickly discover that they need to market on the internet. In just about all these cases the company may provide basic training, but does not provide training in social networking marketing skills. And, a stand along home based business owner is just that, all alone. Marketing the social sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Blogging essentials, etc., is not something that comes naturally. So understandably, many home business owners face a dilemma. Bottom line, they need s quick marketing education in order to do the on-line network marketing themselves, or they need to hire an independent third party to do it for them.

Many owners decide to do it themselves. Especially, since the second choice requires a plus size marketing budget. For these do-it-yourselfers finding in an on-line trainer or coaching program is usually the next step. In addition to developing the techniques to properly marketing a home business on-line successfully being updated to the rapidly changing technology is also critical. Now, here is the rub. Where can a serious home business entrepreneur go to find a quality training network of qualified internet trainers, along with simple easy to follow step by step directions that cover the complete realm of internet basics?

Second Income Coach or SIC is simply an enhanced self paced online training program geared to the newbie, or to the pro who just needs a quick touch up or some updating. It combines a step by step approach and the techniques an owner needs to understand and implement to get off their on-line marketing off the ground quickly for FREE. Additionally, for those who desire to take their business to the professional level there is the optional gold program. learn more.

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