Product Creation Made Simple – Vaulting Your Way to Internet Marketing Guru Status

Product Creation Made Simple – Vaulting Your Way to Internet Marketing Guru Status

What do all Internet marketing gurus have in common, and how on earth did they attain their internet marketing guru status? They’ve all released multiple information products onto the online marketplace. True, many of them would still be filthy rich without needing to sell anything, but then they’d be leaving money and leads on the table.

Having a product allows you to get your name out there, to recruit affiliates, and to establish yourself as an expert. As you make more money and sell more of your products, bigger marketers will start to take notice and many doors will open for you.

It’s kind of funny to think about how easy it is to create a product. Let’s brainstorm a few product ideas, shall we? There are ebooks, video courses, multimedia courses, audio interviews, short reports, home study courses, DVD sets, membership sites, print magazines, and more. Since this article is about simple product creation, let’s forget about the complicated products and just focus on the simpler product formats.

A report is typically under 20 pages in length and ebooks are usually anywhere between 20 and 200 pages, but it doesn’t really matter how long your product is. What matters is your product’s contents. Any sane customer would be perfectly happy paying $97 for a 5-page report which contains a few valuable and usable nuggets. That same customer would probably not be happy paying $37 for a 200-page tome filled with old, obsolete information.

It’s scary to think that some people take weeks and even months to write a simple ebook. Here’s a big tip to help you avoid wasting time when writing an ebook: don’t aim for perfection. No product is perfect; no product will ever be perfect. However, do your best to include valuable information, to exclude fluff, and to have decent grammar and spelling. Once you’ve put all the required information in the eBook and you’ve edited out all the errors, get it out there! The longer you delay, the less time you have for other projects, and the less money you make.

Another simple product creation idea is to interview an expert. Most experts will agree to an interview as long as you ask properly and you have a good marketing plan in place. After all, what’s in it for them, right? Get an expert on the phone or Skype for an hour or something like that and grill them on something. The beauty of this method of product creation is that you don’t have to know a darned thing about their expertise – you’ve just got to ask the right questions. Once you release the product, both you and the expert’s names will be on the product, so in the customer’s minds, you will have expert status as well. Interviewing experts is a great way of breaking into the upper levels of online marketing because you get to make money from selling your products and to network with experts as well.

Only two methods of product creation have been outlined in this article, but they’re incredibly simple. If you put a few solid hours every day into doing this, you could have a dozen products ready to sell in a month, and that’s no exaggeration.

Are you up to the task?

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