Learning Internet Marketing With The Six Figure Mentors – An Experience

Learning Internet Marketing With The Six Figure Mentors – An Experience

Life Inside The Six Figure Mentors – An Internet Marketing Experience

In this article I’m going to describe life inside the Six Figure Mentors. This is based on my personal experience as a member in 2011. My aim is to provide you with an overview so you can understand what the organisation is about and how it’s working in practice.

What is the Six Figure Mentors?

The Six Figure Mentors is an education company setup to teach people how to do internet marketing. This is does through written and video tutorials, webinars and events. It is also setup so members can interact through the Six Figure Mentor Community which provides a forum for sharing ideas and networking with other members. Finally the SFM offers a business opportunity in that members can profit by promoting the organisation using the methods provided inside.

Who is it For and Why Did I Join?

The SFM appeals to a wide range of people. The members come from diverse backgrounds including small business owners and entrepreneurs, couples, people in full-time jobs. Some members work online full-time while others are just starting out. As well as the online forum, you actually get to meet people face-to-face by joining your local mastermind group meeting which adds another dimension to the networking possibilities.

Who Runs It?

The SFM is run, and was founded by, Stuart Ross and Daniel Wagner. Both are successful internet entrepreneurs and provide valuable experience to the members. There are several senior SFM members who also provide training and it is important to note that their backgrounds are also diverse which represents huge value in terms of what they provide.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

So I mentioned that you get access to the training library of Marketing and Technical material. You also get step-by-step guidance on how to set up your back-office so it’s ready to promote the SFM for your own benefit. Earning while you learning is encouraged which brings us to the next point: the back-office of the SFM is actually setup so you can integrate your own products into it. This shows the forward thinking nature of SFM as it’s been designed so that as its members grow developing their own products the technical side of internet marketing, so often a bugbear for many people, is taken care of for you.

Master Marketing Webinars provide some of the core training. The content is interesting although sometimes the internet connection has been intermittent. The webinars are all recorded though and their have been instances where the hosts will re-record if there’s a connection problem. In terms of topics, one example that springs to mind is that I would never have considered as a business is “starting a membership site” but now realise this is a distinct possibility.

A Summary

To summarise, life inside the SFM is both challenging and rewarding. The skill set that can be learnt via internet marketing will help just about everyone and in my view is a still set for the future.

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