Keep it Simple For Online Success

Keep it Simple For Online Success

I don’t know about you but it seems like these days that the online business gurus are launching new products every day. You’d think that if a system to make you loads of cash online was so good that there wouldn’t be a need for new ones every five minutes.

Why do you think that is? Could it be that the promises that are made in the sales letters and videos don’t quite match the reality of the courses? Or maybe as a buyer, you have a tendency to ‘filter’ what’s being said so that you only really see or hear the good bits that match your dreams?

If you take a look at most of the products that are launched, they really boil down to the same sort of system:

1. Pick your niche

2. Find or create a product or service to sell to that niche

3. Set up a website to market that product

4. Drive traffic to your website

5. Capture your visitor’s email address in return for a free report or something similar

6. Convince your visitor to buy – either through a landing page sales letter or video; or through a sequence of emails

7. Rinse and repeat (wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen that online!)

So, having recognized that most of the systems are pretty much the same, the gurus have to somehow make it look different so you think you’re getting real value. This usually involves some sort of catchy title, a promise to reveal ‘underground secrets’, a bonus of some ‘ninja’ tactics and a truck load of reports, eBooks, videos, audios, webinars etc., etc.

Now let’s look at what happens once you’ve bought the product. You receive your package either in the mail or via download and sit in awe at the sheer volume of materials and the shiny graphics. You scan through some of it and feel excited about the possibilities. You decide to get started. But first, better get a cup of coffee. And , you can’t work with your desk so untidy can you – so you do a bit of cleaning & tidying. By this time, maybe it’s almost time for lunch so best leave it until later. You come back and think that you’d best check your emails before starting so you don’t have any distractions. Finally, you pick up the ‘Getting Started’ manual and read it. Suddenly, this seems like a lot of work. It sure doesn’t sound as easy as it did on the sales video. Maybe you get started and find that step-one of picking your niche isn’t as easy as you thought. Sure, there’s a bit of guidance in there but it doesn’t really spell it out does it? You put the course away and go off to think. And, you know what, that course probably sits there now and never actually gets used. It looks like there is just too much to do – and let’s face it, you’ve got your day job to do as well – there just aint enough hours in the day.

So, look, why not keep it simple? You don’t need to spend a fortune on each shiny new thing that comes out. The best thing is to pick a ‘mentor’ who is making money day in and day out on the simple stuff (not the mega launches). Find a mentor who offers some sort of support structure which doesn’t cost the earth. Find a mentor who offers basic, simple solutions and systems that really work – because they’re the systems that they themselves use. In short, keep it simple and spend your time (and money) on building your business, not on the next glossy guru grand design. You know it makes sense!

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