Internet Marketing Tools

Internet Marketing Tools

Many people are taking up Internet marketing for several reasons: maybe they think that their current career is at danger; maybe they do not like their current job; maybe they think that Internet marketing is easier than what they are doing now or maybe they just want to earn a bit of extra money on the weekend. Whatever the reason, they will have to learn how to make use of Internet marketing tools.

These Internet marketing tools may not all be quite obvious as Internet marketing tools to the newcomer to Internet marketing, so in the remainder of this piece we will take a closer look at some of the less obvious, but better Internet marketing tools about.

The best Internet marketing tools, or at least most of them are: SEO, article marketing, content management, RSS, affiliate marketing, lists, Web2 and auto responders. There are others that used to work before, but which have lessened in significance such as: Free For All lists, Safe Lists and Traffic Exchanges.

The point here is that some things that were touted as the bee’s knees of Internet advertising a few years ago are not so successful now and new ways are being developed all the time, some of which are very useful like: Web2 and RSS. You need to keep your ear to the ground with regard to Internet marketing tools or you will miss current developments and fall behind.

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the best Internet marketing tools about because the principles, once learned, can be applied to any site for long-term progress in the ranking stakes. Begin with your domain name. Choosing the right domain name is by far the most important step you can take in SEO. Make it pertinent to what you are trying to achieve.

For instance, if you would like to sell petrol powered model helicopters, attempt to get hold of a domain name with those words in the name like . If you can not get that endeavour to get . Do not settle for even if you think that you might expand into other related models. Connect the web sites instead.

Select your keywords carefully and use them in your compositions. Needless to say, the domain name ought to be your foremost keyword or keyword phrase. Do not be tempted to use it ad nauseam, use it only where it fits in but make an effort to make it fit in. Reword sentences and paragraphs to achieve this. In this piece my keyword phrase or LTKW (long tail keyword) is ‘Internet marketing tools’ – see, I just got it in again:-)

Compose web pages for your site including keywords and LTKW, but keep those pages unique to your site. Then compose pieces around and about the subject of your site, but do not mention your keywords in them or you will lose traffic on your keywords to other, larger businesses.

Post these articles, with links back to your site, on article databases. Hopefully, web masters of blogs and newsletters will pick these pieces and use them and you will gain backlinks, kudos and page ranking for your site.

The last of these Internet marketing tools is the list. Many web masters quote ‘The money is in the list’, but some marketers do not bother with a list. Most do but not all. If you want to construct a list, add a box to your web site so that visitors can sign up for your weekly newsletter and special offers.

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