How to use a custom Polaroid film to promote viral challenges on the Internet?

Many companies dream of making an event go viral on social media. This is an excellent way to boost sales with little investment; but, how to do it? In this case, you can use a custom Polaroid film to take pictures of the people who dare to do a challenge in your business: Will they be able to eat the biggest hamburger in 30 minutes? Will they be able to drink hanging from the ceiling as if they were bats? The challenge has to be something fun and related to your type of business. Give a branded instant photo to each person who decides to participate in the challenge. You can have one design for those who tried and another for those who succeeded. People will love to share this on their social networks for their family and friends to see.

Include a dedicated link for each participant.

To make it even better, take photos and record a video of each participant that is doing the challenge. Whatever happens, create a really fun video. Include bloopers and behind-the-scenes. Create a unique link and place it in the custom Polaroid film so that each person has a space dedicated to their participation in the challenge. If there are photos and videos, people will be more likely to share them on their social media accounts. When people see others participating in this type of event, and see how much fun it is, they are motivated to do it too. The branded instant photo helps you create a “ripple effect” that has the sole function of attracting more and more people to your business.

Promote the use of branded instant photos on your social networks.

When promoting your challenges on social media, you should create a motivational element, a trophy or a prize that people who decide to participate in the challenge will receive. In this sense, a custom Polaroid film can be part of the prizes; as a kind of recognition. Some companies even offer other items such as a flannel or a cap. It all depends on you and your budget. Whatever you do, you should always aim to generate action from your customers. It is important that the design of the branded instant photo is original. It is also advisable to change it from time to time and to create new challenges. The idea is to keep your brand fresh in people’s minds.

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