How to Attract More Customers to Your Business

How to Attract More Customers to Your Business

Running a business can be very demanding, but the rewards of doing so successfully can be extremely high. However, achieving that success is rarely easy. You need a good product or service to begin with, but even that is no guarantee for success. What you need is the ability to attract and retain customers. So how can this be done? Here are five ideas for how your company can become more visible and appealing for prospective customers.

1. Start by treating the customers you have as well as you possibly can. Not only will this encourage them to do business with you again, but word of mouth marketing can be a powerful tool in customer acquisition. If the experience your customers have with your company is positive, there’s a much greater chance of them telling their friends, family and colleagues about you.

2. Word of mouth is not just about conversations that occur face to face or over the phone. The web has become an increasingly popular vehicle for customers to discuss their experiences. Social networks, review sites and forums all regularly feature comments about the customer service they’ve received from various businesses, potentially influencing your target market. Many businesses have found that by developing proactive social media campaigns, they can attempt to maximise the potential of this opportunity by listening and better understanding their customers.

3. Incentives are a great way to encourage people to try a new brand, product or service. You may want to consider a discount, sale or special offer if customer numbers are dropping. However, be wary of devaluing your brand with constant sales. If it reaches a point where customers expect a discount, they’re unlikely to ever pay full price again. If you are introducing incentives and offers, you may wish to do so via carefully planned social media campaigns.

4. If you’re concerned that your business has low visibility, it may be time to commission an SEO consultancy to help you improve your position in search engine results for relevant keywords as well as drive better quality traffic to your website.

5. Speaking of your website, it could be a worthwhile exercise to review its current performance. Navigation, design and functionality all need to be of a high quality, so if it needs work, it could be time to appoint a creative digital agency to help you. Whether the site requires a redesign or a rebuild, it will be important to get it right, especially if the site has a commercial function.

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