Frank Kern and Trey Smith’s List Control – Four Module Product Review

Frank Kern and Trey Smith’s “List Control” – Four Module Product Review

Frank Kern and Trey Smith are about as popular as any marketers could ever be, even more popular it seems then some pop or rock stars we know. Their latest product is called “List Control” and has as of now hit the market. So what is list control all about, and will this product be the next “number one hit” from these stars of Internet marketing?

We all know who they are, Internet marketing would not be Internet marketing without the likes of Frank Kern and Trey Smith. These gentlemen have been the leaders in the industry for as long as the industry has been around. The latest of the products that they offer is called List Control a 4 module product, and it does have some compelling ad copy that just sucks you in. The product is going to be in depth on not only building your list of clients and customers, but how to maintain that list and keeping them happy and purchasing your products and opportunities online continually.

For the first time however, Frank Kern will give out a couple secrets on how he comes up with the “killer” ad copy to grab the attention of the viewer and hopefully keep it. Other trainings involved will consist of marketing strategies on free advertising platforms. As far as Internet marketers that have already found success, these free platforms are great, and for the newbie who is low on funds these are great for gathering much needed traffic quickly. List Control does come at a low cost at first, but the complete program does come in around $2000 dollars and will be considered the latest and greatest program from which there will be much information to glean.

This is a product review however, and as a successful Internet entrepreneur I will offer this. There are many products everyday that are launched online and packed with updated information on Internet marketing. These programs will cost and if this is only the latest and greatest training there are still no guarantees that it or they will work for you so do your due diligence before your purchase. The issue of a single program I found was a factor for my decision to opt for a continuing style of training in Internet marketing. I, like many, wanted to cut down the cost of buying one new program after the other. Considering the cost over the long haul, a bigger fee upfront for training that was added to at no more cost seemed drastically less than continually upgrading for the latest and greatest.

Frank Kern does know his stuff, and anyone in the world of Internet marketing would love to sit down and pick his brain for an hour. List Control does seem to offer a great deal of training in the list building aspect of Internet marketing and for some already in his program, this could be a good addition to the knowledge base that Frank and Trey have built.

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