Search Engine Optimization Content Tips

Every company now has a website that represents what kind of business they are doing and that acts as a public profile for any client or investor to see. That is one of the reasons why being on the number one page of search engines is important. People that look for a certain keyword that is connected to your agency should come up as one of the top 3 spots.

One of the ways to optimize your page is through high-quality content that will benefit your visitors instead of just being there to fill the design. Some agencies don’t even need to pay for ads they just get organic visitors because of great SEO. Most businesses don’t have a separate team that does it so it is most likely that you will hire a professional to do it for you.

Targeted Keywords

The majority of people that do search engine optimization for some websites will say that the main thing to do is to find out what are the best keywords for your niche. It is true that it was the main part of improving your rank but things are changing as people use new technology and Google improves its algorithm. We now need to use longer phrases because people started to use voice search.

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Either way, you need to know your audience and what they are typing when searching for your niche. Getting to know their stats, demographics, preferences and habits are crucial to optimize your website as best as possible. Once you know exactly who to focus on, you can use free tools that will find the best keywords you can use. This should also be used to research the topic that is best for your content. Remember not to use too many recommended words because it can be recognized as spam.


A lot has been invested by large companies to make their audience stick to their page. Every single piece of the content is important like readability. If they read the whole article, and that happens with every other content you make, you are at a great start. This usually doesn’t happen and people will rather look at videos or pictures to get the information they need.

If your content is full of information that an average visitor can understand, it will be of high value for them and it will benefit you in the long term. Dwell time is that process of clicking on a link and the time you spent there before searching for something else. If it is higher, it is better for your page. Parts that matter to improve dwell time include simplicity, logic, organization and clarity.

Length and Information You Provide

There are studies online that show you need to write a longer blog post in order to be optimized for a certain topic. This will depend on the topic because for some things you won’t be able to find enough relative information. Some content can have more than 1900 words that work for most themes but you can also find number one pages that have a post of 500 words. The best way is to focus more on the information you will provide and then check if every detail is included.

Information that you provide is the key factor because it can also be used by other websites as an excellent example. This means that you will get links towards your page which improves your situation a lot. The data you present needs to be as in detail as it can because visitors won’t need to search for it on other pages.

Visual Part of Content

Use a lot of pictures if you have a blog post that is over 2000 words long because it will be very annoying to go through the whole text without any visual aspect. It will be better to have a video describing what is in the post but that will depend on the theme. For the past years, GIFs or moving images are becoming more popular because they can describe the content in a few seconds.

GIFs are usually used for products that can be presented in a few seconds. The visual aspect is important because it is the first thing they will notice. If they see an image that brings attention, they will go through the text. The same goes for videos with an interesting headline. It’s crucial to have high-quality images and videos but they shouldn’t be too large because it will slow down the website. There are plugins used to resize the images so these modifications can be done after you find the images. Click here to read more.

Content Placement

How you organize your content also helps in improving your rank because it can mean if the visitor will stay or not. Placing the most important data at the end won’t lead to anything unless if it is a viral story that everyone will want to read. For the majority of posts, you should start with some facts that will bring their attention and a picture that has valuable information in it.

One of the best tips is to use infographics which are statistics about the theme you write about. You won’t be able to use it always so use a video instead and place it at the beginning. Let the user focus on the content instead of other things that can be found on the page. If they value what you post, they will stick longer and click on something else.