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The business world is always changing and organizations must learn to adapt to this changes quickly to stay on top of the competition. One should be very quick to adapt to these changing if you do not want to be left behind as new and different business trends come one after the other sooner than often expected. The good news is that you do not always have to make change after change to keep up with the times. The key is finding the right strategy that will work for you for a certain time. For instance, pay per call strategy translates to better leads and more conversion then stick with it for a while. Suprisingly, in these modern times, these tried and tested, old techniques are still very effective.

The first technique is what marketers have been using for decades and this technique is called advertising. The only difference is how it is being done today, that it was being done in the past. Even as pay per call companies and other lead generating companies have gained popularity, advertising company have been dominating the corporate world and will likely do so for a long time. Now, TV commercials, radio ads, billboards are still effective means to advertise but they can be expensive for small businesses. Now, social media has given smaller scale businesses an alternative when it comes to advertising.

Next, public relations still work for other companies. This one is very old school but still very effective. Now, part of PR is by collaborating with content producers like bloggers and vloggers in order to tap directly to a targeted audience.

Next comes lead generation. This is defined as the process of locating and gathering prospect clients or customers to whom a business can sell their services or products directly. In these process you have the option to hire a pay per call company or you can personally cold call potential customers. Over the last decade pay per call services have proven as a valuable marketing strategy so you might want to give it a shot.

The fourth one is direct marketing. Direct marketing no longer pertains to direct selling or door-to-door approach. This now also pertains to sending our flyers and mailers or email directly to your target market. There are different methods of carrying this out but to stand out, you can make your direct marketing efforts more personalized in order for you to stand out.

And the last and the most old fashioned way is by word-of-mouth. Word still spreads fast by mouth. Ideas passed on by word of mouth seem to spread so quickly in this electronic age. The effectivity of this method is based on the rationale that people easily accept concept that have been heard from people they trust or their peers. Take note however that this works both ways, bad reputation can also gain popularity through this.

Those are the proven methods to spread word about your products and services. To find out more about how these methods or how pay per call services can be of help, check this out.

Resource: http://www.myfrugalbusiness.com/

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