Everything You Should Know About Facebook Bots and How to Find FB Bot Experts in 2019

When Facebook Messenger Platform entered the market back in 2016, a new service allowed businesses to create customized bots for their particular requirements. During the initial days of announcements, marketing, and tech experts lost their mind.

Everyone speculated what will happen next and how this change will affect the online economy, which is rising as time, goes by. You can create your own chatbot by visiting this site: https://smartbotmarketers.com

Every single time a company decides to adopt new technology, people start to raise eyebrows, and that excitement was justified in overall because that allowed the ability for marketers to improve their potential.

You should remember that bot is a general term that describes any software that has the ability to automate certain tasks. Chatbots can help you improve conversation, especially if you decide to build it inside the messenger app.

The best thing about the bots you can create on Messenger is that you will be able to create it by using their engine that will easily translate natural language into structural data.

It means that bots can understand and parse conversational language, but also learn from it, and they will become smarter with more conversations in the long run.

You have probably heard about artificial intelligence, and these bots are using the specific type of AI. You will find natural language interface by opening the Messenger platform, and you do not have to spend the entire fortune to get an intelligent bot.

The most advanced bots feature AI, which will allow them to understand personalized questions and request and improve overall interaction by learning how to do it. Even though this technology is still in infancy, people are using them for marketing purposes.

The main reason why bots are gaining popularity now is due to their ability to advance in technology as well as with different business models. Therefore, we can say that bots can solve things much faster than humans can.

By checking here, you can visit Wikipedia page that will help you learn the history of Facebook.

Chatbots Are Part of Larger Shift

When people are searching for something, the main goal they wish to achieve is to get relevant and informative answers as soon as possible. That is why they are turning to voice searches and other ways of convenient browsing.

At the same time, email inboxes have become more and more filled with spams, and buyers decided to use social media so that they can follow the brand they care about. That allows them to gain control and the ability to block the brand that they enjoy buying from.

Artificial intelligence tech will increase the ability of personalization and you will be able to provide actual value to your visitors and potential buyers. Buyers require the direct line between the solution and a problem that they have, and that line is a bot.

By using the help of messaging apps, bots will help consumers find the appropriate solutions wherever they are and whatever they wish to get, without cluttered inboxes, forms and wasted minutes spent searching and analyzing.

The transactions, service, and communication will intertwine, and bots will provide services, which is opposition to previous self-marketing perspective.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Working with AI Chatbot


  • 24/7 Operation – Software and machines are great choices because they are more efficient than human employees. They will never take a break, late for the job, and as soon as you have the electricity, they will work. At the same time, they will not take benefits and go home at the end of the day, which means that your customers could reach the solution whenever they want. It is a great thing to have a chatbot to help you deal with customer service. Therefore, instead of outsourcing agency that will provide you customer support as well as complaints, chatbots will work after hours without additional benefit and questions.
  • They Search For Most Efficient Solution For Customer – It does not matter what customer asked because chatbots can analyze massive amounts of data in a matter of seconds, find solutions, trends and patterns and replicate them perfectly in real time so that you can enjoy all the way. At the same time, if you wish to interact with customers and visitors, you have to determine the goals that chatbot has to accomplish. For customer service, chatbot will be able to find the fix for a specific problem. In case that you wish to use it as a sales lead, they can build processes that customers may reach based on their preferences and goals.
  • Gathering and Analyzing Data While Chatting – When chatbot starts interacting with a customer or potential customer, they will also gather and analyze data. Therefore, if they talked with the person in the past, they will have a perfect recollection of the conversation that they can use to improve everything. They will also learn more about the person they are talking to as well as his/her dislikes and likes. Since the machine can learn and update data, the satisfaction of users will improve as time goes by and your marketing service will be perfect.

You have to understand that every single company should implement artificial intelligence for staying on the top of the game.

Therefore, you should check this website: https://www.forbes.com/sites/bernardmarr/2019/03/21/why-every-company-needs-an-artificial-intelligence-ai-strategy-for-2019/ for more information.


  • Collecting Data Makes You A Target – Of course, everything depends on what your chatbot does, but they can collect valuable and personal information such as geo addresses and location, payment information, account information, full legal names and other relevant information which is useful. However, the wealth of your data makes it a perfect target for hackers. Therefore, you have to make sure to conduct necessary steps that will protect the information you have which means implementing firewalls, virus protection and adding complex passwords.
  • They Require Constant Supervision – AI is not perfect as a human brain and we have to go years in the future to create an android that will think like a human. Have in mind that since AI is constantly learning and working; someone has to supervise it from time to time along the way. You do not wish for your chatbot to run wild and to handle everything without professional supervision. You have to find someone that will guide and direct it in case that something goes wrong and that is something you should remember.


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