Easy Ways to Combat Stress and Other Focus Issues With A Popular Toy

Diagnoses such as ADHD, ADD, and generalized anxiety can make it hard for individuals to focus on school and work. Medication can be an effective tool in mitigating the effects of these conditions, but comes with an extensive list of side effects and may not always prove to be 100 percent effective. One invention that has provided relief for many is the fidget spinner. The toy was originally designed in 90’s but recently made a comeback after receiving much positive publicity. While they are most often marketed towards children, they can help the following individuals achieve greater focus and combat the side effects of panic and anxiety.

Business Professionals

Some professionals can stay focused on activities with no problem and can handle tasks such as public speaking with charisma and ease. Many people struggle with these items, but a fidget spinner can help by allowing them to burn off nervous energy without having to step away from their work. They are also effective at reducing stress by providing an additional element to focus on and can give many the courage needed to speak in front of a large audience.


Fidget spinners have received criticism from many educators, but the evidence supporting their effectiveness at helping students with ADD, ADHD, and Autism is mounting. Rather than having to get up and move, many students who struggle with remaining in their seat can channel excess energy to their hands, and have the ability to focus uninterrupted. This is allowing students to retain more information and reducing the presence of test anxiety.

Long Trip Drivers

Driving long distances can be taxing on the body and leave a person exhausted. If they are not able to stop driving because of deadlines, a fidget spinner can help by providing an activity that requires innate concentration. Drivers report that using a fidget spinner can contribute to reducing the feelings of tiredness that accompany driving long distances, and lessen the chances of them falling asleep behind the wheel.

Regardless of what may keep an individual from being able to focus, a fidget spinner may be able to help. They are an affordable option that has brought increased focus and a longer attention span to many. Try one out, and see if it could hold the key to stopping anxiety and help improve overall mental acuity.

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