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Internet Marketing Tips – What Kind Of Marketer Are You?

Internet Marketing Tips – What Kind Of Marketer Are You?

I want to thank Eric over at the Warrior Forum for inspiring me to write this article. He started talking about focus and why people fail, because of lack of it, and it got me thinking about possibly another reason that marketers fail that has nothing to do with focus at all. It’s the kind of marketer you are. No, I’m talking about whether you sell health products or IM products or whatever. I’m talking about how seriously you take your marketing. Let me explain.

At the bottom rung of the ladder, we have the casual marketer. This is probably the guy who has a full time job and really doesn’t want to dedicate his life to this stuff. After all, he’s already working an eight hour day and the last thing he needs is to come home and put in another four to six hours marketing online. So the casual marketer might do an hour a day here and there, probably take weekends off and do as little as possible. If you’re a casual marketer, don’t expect great results. It won’t happen.

Then we have the semi serious marketer. This is the guy who does put in a little more time and effort but he takes shortcuts on the tasks that he knows are going to take a long time to do properly. For example, he might do just the minimum amount of SEO on his site or maybe just go after a few backlinks because getting as many as he knows he really needs is going to take an enormous amount of effort. Don’t get me wrong. He puts in a good working day, but he doesn’t go all out. The semi serious marketer might even make $5,000 a month, but he’s never going to hit six or seven figures.

Finally, we have the dead serious marketer. This is the guy who crosses every T and dots every I. He leaves nothing to chance. In fact, this guy is almost compulsive about his marketing. One might even say he’s OCD. If it has to get done, it gets done in triplicate. He most likely doesn’t have a full time job and spends all day and night at the computer marketing…leaving no stone unturned. This marketer is the guy who is going to make a huge success of question about it.

So tell me, where do you fit in? Are you one of those types or somewhere in between them? There are some people who are in the middle and just need a little push to get to the next level. And then there are people who already put in their time, like I did for many years, and have decided to take it easy after making it. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you know where you are and where you’re going.

Whatever type of marketer you are, you’re only going to get the kind of results that comes from putting in that amount of work.

That is until somebody invents that magic button that we can all push and have hundred dollar bills fall from the sky.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

Internet Marketing Habits – Increase Revenues by Selling New Products to Your Old Customers, Part 2

Internet Marketing Habits – Increase Revenues by Selling New Products to Your Old Customers, Part 2

When developing methods to attract returning customers, an important item to keep in mind is the scope, nature and tone of the sales pitch you present. One rule of thumb is to match small product sales with large product offers; and large product sales with small product offers. It is always best to determine which method(s) work best for the business model you are using and whether your particular business suits this model.

One common misconception among Internet marketers is that you need a huge opt-in list to market your products to in order to make a decent revue stream. This is true to a certain degree, but the magic is in how professional and useable your products are, and how responsive your list is.

Many marketers just leave it up to their autoresponder series to do the trick and convert customers, but, they only send out very a minimum amount of emails after that; and rarely nothing of value. You must remember the marketer’s mantra, “People buy from those they know, like and trust.”

Revitalizing your contact list is not an easy task, but it is one of the most inexpensive methods to generate leads, which is why you should use it. In comparison to developing new leads and converting them, it is always cheaper to keep contact with current customers than to generate new traffic and leads.

There are several ways to approach this project of revitalizing a contact list. I personally suggest you do it by giving away a wave of free, but highly valuable items. These could be ebooks, manuals, reports, and anything else you can come up with. You can even have people email you back in order to enter a contest. If they win, you can award them a cash prize or some other attractive nice to have item.

The primary item to keep in mind is that it is easiest to develop your own products and sell them to your existing customers. Doing this will open up a new revenue and traffic source that you have not even paid attention to in the past.

If you are out to attract prospective customers and develop your online presence and exposure, you owe it to yourself and the financial future of your business to learn everything you can about Internet marketing.

Product Creation Made Simple – Vaulting Your Way to Internet Marketing Guru Status

Product Creation Made Simple – Vaulting Your Way to Internet Marketing Guru Status

What do all Internet marketing gurus have in common, and how on earth did they attain their internet marketing guru status? They’ve all released multiple information products onto the online marketplace. True, many of them would still be filthy rich without needing to sell anything, but then they’d be leaving money and leads on the table.

Having a product allows you to get your name out there, to recruit affiliates, and to establish yourself as an expert. As you make more money and sell more of your products, bigger marketers will start to take notice and many doors will open for you.

It’s kind of funny to think about how easy it is to create a product. Let’s brainstorm a few product ideas, shall we? There are ebooks, video courses, multimedia courses, audio interviews, short reports, home study courses, DVD sets, membership sites, print magazines, and more. Since this article is about simple product creation, let’s forget about the complicated products and just focus on the simpler product formats.

A report is typically under 20 pages in length and ebooks are usually anywhere between 20 and 200 pages, but it doesn’t really matter how long your product is. What matters is your product’s contents. Any sane customer would be perfectly happy paying $97 for a 5-page report which contains a few valuable and usable nuggets. That same customer would probably not be happy paying $37 for a 200-page tome filled with old, obsolete information.

It’s scary to think that some people take weeks and even months to write a simple ebook. Here’s a big tip to help you avoid wasting time when writing an ebook: don’t aim for perfection. No product is perfect; no product will ever be perfect. However, do your best to include valuable information, to exclude fluff, and to have decent grammar and spelling. Once you’ve put all the required information in the eBook and you’ve edited out all the errors, get it out there! The longer you delay, the less time you have for other projects, and the less money you make.

Another simple product creation idea is to interview an expert. Most experts will agree to an interview as long as you ask properly and you have a good marketing plan in place. After all, what’s in it for them, right? Get an expert on the phone or Skype for an hour or something like that and grill them on something. The beauty of this method of product creation is that you don’t have to know a darned thing about their expertise – you’ve just got to ask the right questions. Once you release the product, both you and the expert’s names will be on the product, so in the customer’s minds, you will have expert status as well. Interviewing experts is a great way of breaking into the upper levels of online marketing because you get to make money from selling your products and to network with experts as well.

Only two methods of product creation have been outlined in this article, but they’re incredibly simple. If you put a few solid hours every day into doing this, you could have a dozen products ready to sell in a month, and that’s no exaggeration.

Are you up to the task?

How to Begin Organizing Legal Documents For Your Business

How to Begin Organizing Legal Documents For Your Business

An enterprise is always within the scope of the laws of the society, and all business owners must ensure that their enterprise operates in adherence to all the policies, rules, and regulations mandated by the law, city-wide, county-wide, state-wide, and federal-wide. If your business is still a small hut waiting to become a grand empire, you must first familiarize yourself with various legal documents that enact the regulatory requirements of your town and state. Read below and let this short piece serve as your comprehensive guide in Organizing Legal Documents For Your Business.

On top of all the papers that you need to prepare for your enterprise are various business licenses. States, counties, cities, and municipalities have their own policies as to what type, size, and industry of business must be under their governance. In organizing legal documents, these licenses and proofs of business registration are very crucial in as much as they carry the very foundation and existence of the company. Among the business licenses that you will need to secure for your enterprise are sales tax licenses, which basically give you the authority to charge your clients sales taxes; state business licenses, which aim to recognize enterprises that follow state codes and standards on business operations; and of course, local business licenses, which allow business owners to run their enterprise within a municipality, city, and county, legally and with all the due rights and privileges.

Next to organizing legal documents that embody the existence of your enterprise is applying for business permits that recognize the ability of the company to regulate itself based on the standards and provisions commanded by the local and state governments. These legal documents must be renewed annually, and failing to acquire these business permits is tantamount to expensive fines or worse, closure. Some of the common legal documents you must obtain for your business are home occupation permit, which gives authority to run a business within a house; health permit, which ensures that business owners follow health specifically food-related, codes and standards; and seller’s permit, which authorize business owners to resell different merchandise products they bought from manufacturers or wholesale distributors.

For your business to grow, you must guarantee that its people are happy, and with that, you should secure legal documents on recruitment and employment that are in compliance with tax and labor laws. Contracts on job offers must in detail show legally-sound provisions, policies, and rules. Salaries to be offered must be within the U.S. Average for such kind of job level; taxes to be withheld must strictly follow IRS regulations, and working hours, privileges, and other benefits must be stated according to what labor laws enact.

When you’re already through with organizing legal documents on permits, operative licenses, and employment, then you can start securing several legal contracts on different financial transactions for your business operations. Some of the common legal documents that you will be signing every now and then are seller agreements, deeds of sale, job order contracts, property acquisition contracts, supplier agreement, among many others. In order to make sure that organizing legal documents is done correctly and flawlessly, don’t just rely on downloadable forms and templates online. Consult a lawyer that can double check and correct the provisions written in every legal document template that you and your enterprise will participate in.

How Much Money Can You Make With Wealthy Affiliate?

How Much Money Can You Make With Wealthy Affiliate?

You are certainly asking yourself whether Wealthy Affiliate is just another one of the get-rich-quick schemes that turn out to be scams in the end. The reality is that this program on affiliate internet marketing has been designed in the form of a comprehensive training course. There are no “secret strategies that the gurus don’t want you to know” and promises that you will make millions. Does this mean the program is reliable? Does it mean you can make a good profit in a legitimate way with it?

Wealthy Affiliate is designed to teach aspiring affiliate marketers how to set up and develop their own business. You will get training in all main aspects of affiliate internet marketing from website set up and SEO to article marketing and email marketing. The training is in the form over 500 tutorials. In addition, you can get support and training from top experts in the industry. You will get a variety of useful tools and services as well. These will help you set up and optimize your web site for the search engines, choose an affiliate niche and stay competitive.

It will not be a mistake to say that this program gives you everything that you need to start a successful online business. You will get the knowledge and skills you need plus a variety of tools. In addition, you can develop your business on the go as you learn. This means that you can start making profits only a couple of weeks after starting the course, which takes a year to complete.

All these factors come to suggest that you can make some good profits with Wealthy Affiliate. The next logical question is how much you can make and how quickly. The size of your profits will depend on your knowledge and skills and on the tools you use and on a variety of other factors at the same time. In general, the affiliate internet marketing business runs on the same principles as any other kind of business.

The main of these is that you will get what you put in. The more time and effort you invest in your business the more profitable it will be. Similarly, you have to find ways to stay competitive and to keep up with the latest trends. The program can help you with this, but you will have to use your own ideas as well.

Now you can decide how much you can make with Wealthy Affiliate.

How to Make Money From Internet Marketing

How to Make Money From Internet Marketing

The world of internet has become a den of fortune where each and every individual has an opportunity to make quick online money. In such there arises a question which relates to how to make money from internet marketing? The answer to this question is numerous as there are plenty of choices in the field of marketing which allows the selection facility to the individual. The basis of such opportunities lies in recognizing the event which can give you your desired job in the world of making money online.

Online marketing can be done by various modes which include advertisement and AdWords which drives the traffic towards a particular website. The main source of marketing online is by way of advertisement which has a primary objective of attracting the customers. Advertisement over the internet allows wider coverage and appeals to mass people in a single time and has a consumer oriented approach which moves accordingly with the desire of the costumers. Advertisements are generally posted in web sites or search engines where the traffic of visitors seems to be more. Once a visitor clicks an advertisement, he is directed to the website of the advertising company and internet marketing proceeds.

On the other hand, AdWords are the latest creations of Google who support advertisements on the result page itself. The advertisements are displayed on the right hand side, whereas the search results are displayed on the left. Taking an instance, suppose one is making a search about certain topic, say, how to make money from marketing on internet, so when the user inserts such keywords in the search option, certain results are displayed as relevant to the searched topic on the left hand side, apart from these on the right hand side, there are also certain advertisements like make money online, etc. these are referred to as AdWords. So, this is another form of marketing where money can be made.

Now there have been certain doubts in regard to online money making with regard to internet marketing. Well. The concept of internet marketing is very simple. Different types of marketing strategies are implemented in order to make enhance the sale of the product or service. So, internet marketing mainly revolves around the techniques to draw the attention of the customers and even though customers do not buy, when they visit the website, the web owner is getting paid for such visits.

The world of internet is very technical. One may not need to understand each and every corner of it, but if one understands some basic key factors, he or she can definitely make good money as it is just like an open ocean where everybody is an equal opportunity to foster its development and growth by the use of his personal skills and knowledge. Thus, when it comes to how to make money from internet marketing, one can easily say that there are certain strategies and tricks which one needs to apply in a precise way and if such are applied there arises revenue in every occasion.

How to Benefit From Bing and Facebook Integration

How to Benefit From Bing and Facebook Integration

Facebook has swept the world and now, users from all over the world can’t get enough of it. From games to finding old friends from college to following the popular celebrities, Facebook is a winner in collecting information. The introduction of Facebook groups allowed users to have more freedom to keep track of their groups including the information of their friends. It even partnered with Skype to materialize Skype services. With this growing popularity, Redmond-based software giant took notice and decided to team up with Facebook. Microsoft’s search engine Bing is now partners with this social networking site. The news is that these two are set out to bring in more sociability to online search.

What can these two do for the users of Facebook and Bing? You will now be able to see the pages and websites that your friends like when they use a specific search while they are logged into the Social Networking Site. Other than that, when users search for their friends on Bing, it will also show people that are common friends on top of the search results. This service is now available to the United States but the recent blog post on Facebook say that it will eventually be implemented to the other areas around the globe in due time.

So what about seeing what your friends like on the Internet? Isn’t it great that at this level, we are getting to know our friends based on the content that they like? It might come in useful when you plan to go out and watch a movie and you have no idea what is the best. Think of it as a review of the different websites and content. You get to see what people like and you get the chance to see if you will like them yourself. You also get to share relevant websites to other friends just by liking them and this puts them in the same level as you are- getting to know you more.

Some were concerned about the privacy of the users but Microsoft and Facebook stressed in their press release that they have taken this into account. This issue was greatly stressed upon by the users of the Social Networking site and the plan to integrate the companies has taken a beating in this subject. The senior vice president of Microsoft online service division stressed that search will now be more personalized and will stand out in a more social level. This is not a way to kill the old traditional methods of search engines but a way of improvement. The head of Microsoft online services division further explained that by adding a social layer to the fixed pattern search, people’s connection to any particular information and their decision making becomes social, personal and more useful.

With the team up of these two giants, the search now becomes more complex, going beyond your traditional keyword matching. At first, there will be two new features that will be added in their search features. The first one is Linked Results and the second is Facebook Profile Search.

How to use a custom Polaroid film to promote viral challenges on the Internet?

Many companies dream of making an event go viral on social media. This is an excellent way to boost sales with little investment; but, how to do it? In this case, you can use a custom Polaroid film to take pictures of the people who dare to do a challenge in your business: Will they be able to eat the biggest hamburger in 30 minutes? Will they be able to drink hanging from the ceiling as if they were bats? The challenge has to be something fun and related to your type of business. Give a branded instant photo to each person who decides to participate in the challenge. You can have one design for those who tried and another for those who succeeded. People will love to share this on their social networks for their family and friends to see.

Include a dedicated link for each participant.

To make it even better, take photos and record a video of each participant that is doing the challenge. Whatever happens, create a really fun video. Include bloopers and behind-the-scenes. Create a unique link and place it in the custom Polaroid film so that each person has a space dedicated to their participation in the challenge. If there are photos and videos, people will be more likely to share them on their social media accounts. When people see others participating in this type of event, and see how much fun it is, they are motivated to do it too. The branded instant photo helps you create a “ripple effect” that has the sole function of attracting more and more people to your business.

Promote the use of branded instant photos on your social networks.

When promoting your challenges on social media, you should create a motivational element, a trophy or a prize that people who decide to participate in the challenge will receive. In this sense, a custom Polaroid film can be part of the prizes; as a kind of recognition. Some companies even offer other items such as a flannel or a cap. It all depends on you and your budget. Whatever you do, you should always aim to generate action from your customers. It is important that the design of the branded instant photo is original. It is also advisable to change it from time to time and to create new challenges. The idea is to keep your brand fresh in people’s minds.

To Be Or Not to Be an Internet Marketer

To Be Or Not to Be an Internet Marketer

Internet marketing is one of the newest businesses; it is in fact a network of businesses. It has constantly been developing since it first appeared, more than three decades ago. The speed of the purchase process and the enormous amount of offers attract daily millions of people from all around the world.

It works in a very simple manner. The internet users type a keyword in the space provided for it in any search engine. A list of links will then appears and the internet users decide which one they want to use. Some people, the ones who don’t use the internet on a regular basis, don’t understand how this business work and many ask whether it is profitable or not.

The answer stands in the huge number of online business runners. Statistics say that in the past few years there have been more people to start online businesses than traditional ones. The statement is available in just a few countries, but it seems like the numbers are running fast in the other countries too. Many people ask themselves whether to be an internet marketer or not.

The great majority of internet marketers have declared that it has been the chance of their lives. Why is that? Well, a lot of us work too long hours nowadays, especially the ones who work in offices; the employers ask for more and more projects, the projects have very short deadlines and the demands are higher and higher.

This is a reason of stress for many of us. Socializing is a very important aspect of our lives and the lack of time for socializing can be a problem. Some of the pioneer internet marketers when asked how the experience changed their lives answered that Internet marketing gave them the chance to have a family.

The most important thing about Internet marketing is that you run your business whenever you decide it is proper. Since the website is there twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, there is no need for you to do the same thing; websites are the headquarters of an online business.

The start can be rough and the competition is fierce, but the number of possible customers is also in your favor; millions of people use the internet on a daily scale and more than half of them do online shopping. If these details haven’t convinced you that it is worth starting an internet marketer career, then you must know that you can start a business in whatever domain you like.

It is actually better to start a business in a domain you have skills in, because it can work properly in a shorter period of time. The start is tough because the website design needs a lot of attention from you, but one you have it, advertising is all that is left for you to do.

An easy way to make money, a pleasant one, combined with a lot of time for you and your family should be the reasons why one decides to start such a business.

What Qualities Are Needed For Starting Internet Business?

What Qualities Are Needed For Starting Internet Business?

Anyone with basic education can consider starting internet business. A personal computer and a high speed internet connectivity are the basic infrastructure you will need. A responsible demeanor and some keyboard skills will be most helpful in ensuring your success. You can follow the tips below to help you further.  1. Doing what you know bestWhen you consider starting an internet business, you are presented with a wide array of opportunities. Web designing, Animation, Graphic designing, Banner design, affiliate marketing, accounting services, article writing and the list goes on. For some of you, this seemingly endless list can be overwhelming. For a start, the best choice in these circumstances is to make a beginning with what you know best. 2. Start low and aim highOnce the niche for your internet marketing business is chosen, the task becomes simpler. Make a low beginning with one task at a time. Understand the task in depth and create the output. Go over your finished work several times to remove errors, inconsistencies and fine tune your work. Gain the much needed experience over a dozen or more projects. You are now ready to launch yourself into the big league and can comfortably aim the higher levels.  3. ConsolidateAfter you complete the above steps, it is now time to consolidate your efforts. Your experience with the initial phase will help you to identify valuable opportunities. Pay special attention to show case your experience and positive customer reviews. Creating samples of your work for prospective customers would be a bright idea and can be a huge help in winning bids. Starting internet business can be fun and easy when you break down the components and work on each of them – one at a time.